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People who cope with their phobias seem to be in the crosshairs of law enforcement when they’re called to duty to enforce the law. The phobias I'm addressing, PTSD, may not be as serious as our troops who fight abroad, or even the police who deal with the more challenging of personalities on a daily basis, but they fall under a psychosis just the same. That the immediate reform to the uniform law enforcement dress themselves in has not yet been converted to reflect the global cleansing it needs: hot pink, reflects the departmentalization which certain interest groups employ to facilitate the murder in broad daylight of an innocent American citizen named George Floyd.

There is a certain character that a badge instills in a first responder, but we never see it because the code of conduct of people who put their lives at risk to protect others is kept secret from the general public. Call it machismo if you like, but thought processes change drastically when a man has to come to terms with risking his own life for the well being and protection of U.S. citizens. We caught a glimpse of this code of conduct, which the media exploits, when we heard a grown man call for his mommy and plead for his life using the words “I cannot breathe”. There isn’t a huge mandate that must be passed before the color of uniforms are reformed to address the bullying nature of badge holders whom we know now numb themselves of feeling as much as there is a conspiring bureaucracy given the task to convince the masses that a few rotten apples doesn’t govern the system.

I know hot pink uniforms isn’t going to bring back all the wrongful murders the official death reports leave out, but neither is the spectacle which the few good policeman who take a knee or confide with protesters claiming they’re on their side.

We are taught that the only reason anybody should have a need to kill somebody is if their own life is in danger. When was looting and the violent destruction of property considered harmful to one's health? You might say, the actual policeman whose job it is to restrain a looter/vandal may be risking his life, and that is true, but the police are the only badge holders who are paid to put their lives at risk and I still fail to see the urgency in the evaluation system law enforcement officer use to judge whether a person is ripe for the grim reaper. In the minds of our fellow citizens hurting over George Floyd is not complaisant peacefulness. Like the first responder’s frame of mind, our looter/pyromaniac neighbor suffers from the raw hard truth life has dealt them.

They are broken and no longer see eye to eye in any casual interaction involving communication with law enforcement. Be they good or bad, we all have a right to avoid interaction with a law enforcement officer if he cannot say why we might be getting detained.

If I didn’t break the law, yet there is a policeman in my face, my blood pressure is going to skyrocket about the same level a policeman’s blood pressure skyrockets because he doesn’t know if he’s going to be harmed. But now we have two innocent people butting heads with their over-active blood and communication is not going well. The authorities should not be in a position to tell anybody that it is mandatory, not just polite, to respond when being spoken to anymore (unless it’s by the spectacle of a policeman trying to gain respect while wearing a hot pink uniform.)

Los Angeles Public Library - Incidental inventions / Ferrante, Elena

Incidental inventions
by Ferrante, Elena
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'This is my last column, after a year that has scared and inspired me.'

With these words, Elena Ferrante, the bestselling author of My Brilliant Friend, bid farewell to her year-long collaboration with the Guardian. For a full year she penned short pieces, the subjects of which were suggested by editors at the Guardian, turning the writing process into a kind of prolonged interlocution; the sub
Los Angeles Public Library - Incidental inventions / Ferrante, Elena
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There was a time, way back when livejournal first started out, when I couldn't unglue myself from the computer. I would spend hours on it trying to figure out this blog thing and the programming languages that go with it. I was gung-ho about learning programming and I found something called Rebol. I worked and worked to get that bliki software running properly on my computer. It wasn't easy. I went from zero programming experience back then to average html/css coder.>

I think those days are back again. Isn't it something what a wee bit of tweaking does? I've been cramming on MySQL videos via my library membership and lynda dot com. I've learned so much after having installed MySQL, the workbench, getting PHP to synch with it and dreaming about one day hashing out my own blog from the ground up. I had missed those days. I wouldn't even pause for lunch. Even computer nerds pause long enough to take a bite out of a hot pocket. Goto Website Here's a link from the bookmarklet I finally got to work on my Opera browser about nothing important. I just wanted to test it out.


Dark Shadows

My #hair is some crazy shiite. Sometimes it's frizzed out; makes me look like Bozo the clown.  This happens more often than not, now that I tie my hair in bun.  Well… not a bun.  The less tangles I can manage, the better.  But since my hair's so curly, when I tie it all the way up where my thin spot progressively thins,… did you know I started watching Dark Shadows?

This old soap opera style drama series is about a vampire dude.  He'd been away, in Europe, England to be hon… London.  Anyway, He's been away in London and now he's returned home (where his ancestors are from.  No doubt some other part of England/Europe where English is spoken fluently.

Barnabas, I think his name is.  Anyway, growing up with two older sisters, I remember one of them being hooked on it.  At first, I was drawn in because I guess I must've seen that "scary" scene where Barnabas, in an angry fit, or possible just real horny, reveals his fangs.  His Fang's, man!

So my hair, it just kinda slinkies back into itself; like a slinky.  So it looks like a bun…

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My comment to an entry 'Oldie seeking friends' by great_doorster in add_me

I think you're fascinating. I'll add. Haven't got as many degrees as you, so I hope your entries don't go over my head. When I got on this lj bandwagon, I had dreams of learning XML. So I'm somewhat curious as to the reason why you've abandoned the old blog for a new one. Are you a programmer? I've been working on the same blog with the same stylesheet for the longest time. But basically I've stayed with this blog because it's a permanent account.

I'm a couch potato too. I think I've watched everything worth sitting thru on on-demand. Have you heard of the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous? Currently, my favorite. I just became aware of it only this year, even though the series began in the 90's. I don't know how long it's been available for streaming in the US, but I'm a new fan of Jennifer Saunders now. Also, have you seen the Human Centipede trilogy? I love psychological thrillers.

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The story of the pigeon I found

She was fluttering helplessly in the middle of the street, just at the on-ramp of Route 66heading south from Glassel Park. I saw he downed.

Thru the side of my eye, while I was practicing safe driving, I managed to conclude that the bird really wasn’t quite at the throes of death. In that split second, I hoped she would lift off before another car came by and splattered her. I slowed down, stopped and sprinted to her snatching her up with a baseball cap


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Ani: A Parody — StarKid Productions

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But look at how ugly a post is updated onto my blog with an e-mail server. Would've been nice if the Opera browser thankless plug was left out and the arrow brackets left off. Watch this video, then tell me what it's about so I don't waste my time figure that out by wasting however long the video is