Bier de Stone (slavezombie) wrote,
Bier de Stone

Fortunately, I'm still kicking

Read two LA Times articles because I left my dumb book Center of the storm at home. What see3ms to have caught my interest more this week, other than all of the tragic gore on televised news, was the issue of property. In §A1, by Alana Semuels, a news segment on several things I'm calling property. One is office supplies, because the day I die, all the junk I have strewn about at home has to be left to somebody. This first story is called Friendlly advicce or sectet ad?

The issue of proporty is now being addressed in the editorials in It's not Journalism. However, I also meant to read the article on Countrywide called Stocks' stunning turnabout gives hope to investors (mainly because the author is JF), but I think I read the entry in §C1 called A rush to pull out cash. Motive, if you've been keeping up with my blog you may know about an obseesion I have with an old high school flame whom I recently got in touch with by phone. I learned she is married, has kids, etc. Then the drunken stupor

For those concerned, I think I'm alright. That ingrowing hair on my belling swelled up to pimple proportions and I've been feeling the pain on my left gut, not completely certain if I damanged a kidney, or my liver. Thank goodness for ignorance that I don't know which side of my torso my liver is in, otherwise, if it was on the left, I'd be stressing now.

I have a piece of prop. It's a dumb piece of BS poetry I worked on between building enough confidence to get in touch with someone from my past, and actually speaking with her for a brief 20 minutes. Because I think it's amateurish good, and I leave my stuff free to the publish to read, it would be so cool hearing those lyrics sung in a HEAVY METAL song some day. It's a fantasy of mine now that I've lost all hope in love. Which is kind of where the news storeis on property enters.

I got the impression my xgf is married to a jew. I didn't know she was jewish and it just seems to me that, if she isn't jewish, maybe there isn't much of a future of love for them and the only reason they stay together is for the kids, the money invested, etc. After all, I'm watching my own investment and going to the SLAYER/MARILYN MANSON concert next week

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