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Debating team

Duh. A few entries ago I had made a prediction for the 2008 elections. Silly me didn't know that Mitt Romney is republican and I predicted that he would drop out upon receiving a pay-off. Obviously, a republican doesn't drop out of the presidential race for money, and so I'm going to have to refer to my crystal dawg to clarify who exactly is going to settle for running mate status.
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I could not quite make out what the hell John Edwards was saying during last night's debate when it seemed he was on a roll describing the "system" as corrupt and flawed. I don't read lips and Wolf Blitzer saw to it to nicely talk over the last part of Edwards` sentence. I kept repeating to myself over and over, "somebody's going to say something wrong. I just know it. I'll be hearing it on the radio tomorrow". I dunno what it was. I mean, I did think it was crude to ask the little guy, Dennis Kucinich, what he thought about electing a supreme justice in favor of privacy rights and the right to choose. That he couldn't bring himself to answer with either a straight "yes" or "no" confirms that all the democratic candidates have a femininity complex. And the leader of that pact would be Edwards. I know. I know. You'd think that Hillary would be the leader here, but nope.

Then there was that FUN question. Diamonds or perls? Apparently, we're going to have to wait two weeks before we hear Hillary's answer to that one. I did catch a few of the other candidates say demons. It figures that this convention of old fogies wouldn't have the patience to develop an appreciation for programming, thus flourishing a partial attractiveness to PERL.

This makes me want to say "the hell with it". Let's get Clinton back in and see what happens. I mean, it's only four years. How much damage can there be?

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