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Sun, Dec. 9th, 2007 | 08:59 pm  slavezombie

The madness of screenwriting
Today's blanket sin
9th December, 2007 ©
Opening scene describes a life in an office atmosphere. The main character is OK looking but he has character flaws. When speaking to people, he makes no eye contact. In fact, he sees right through you, sometimes even jerking his head to catch a glimmer at the goings on over your shoulder. That's not to say, however, that he's a loner.

What happens at work, stays at work, and when it's time to go home, then his life seems boring. I need a picker upper scene here. I figure if a nice looking co-worker pays him a surprise visit and has sex with him, that should hold the audience. In the morning, he goes through his routine for preparing for work. At work, he develops a terrible headache from meeting a new employee.

Since this is getting boring, I figure I'll just give the guy a stroke.

Nobody cares about him (at least not the reader of this screenplay/the audience of this movie) because he's temperamental. He gets angry and throws things at walls. Issues that the audience want to know about, but too late, the dude is in the hospital trying to recover his stroke.

Incidentally, we'll call this guy Peter for now. Maybe even Mr. Peters. I think it might be interesting to call this character Peter Peters, but not so obvious that a scene is dedicated to it for a laugh. The audience will have to put one and one together. The new girl is Selma. She doesn't feel in the least bit guilty about Peter's stroke because it didn't happen like "Ooh, how do you do? My name is Peter. Aw god, I have this splitting headache." **PLONK**

Besides, Selma works freelance, so she probably doesn't even know he's in the hospital. Emily, the gal who shagged him in the opening scenes, was not a co-worker but a client of the company where Peter works. He kinda just got friendly with her. Donna, a delivery clerk, does work with Pete and also has a crush on him. They're good friends as women can maintain without telling a guy she lusts for him. Pete doesn't know about the crush, or if he does, he could care less. He wants Selma.

Donna's a nerd (or geek. whatever) and does some really awesome things with a computer and Internet. For now, she just scams a swindle collaborating with google maps (or mapquest, whoever cuts the better deal). She gets Pete involved and now Pete freelances as part of a tagging crew.

Things get weird in that a church is involved, a trip to Baja California, a secret about Pete's emotional stability, blah, blah, blah. What happens is Pete can't remember how he feels about Selma because of the stroke. Or something like that, because it was the actual conversation with this "goddess" that puts him in the hospital. Now, part of his memory can't remember things straight and for all he knows, he's gay.

After he reaches a full recovery, he's allowed back to work. He dies the craziest death, drawing a final glyph with his blood. It's all he can do to send signals to Selma who he cannot seem to locate. Selma sees the glyph in blood which actually happens to be symbolic for her. She had a boyfriend in her youth with whom the glyph symbolized something special.

She happens to work as a journalist and she got the call from work to cover a story about a dead guy. So she's there trying to figure it all out when it's discovered that the blood on the pavement forms a symbol of some kind when viewed from the air. Selma doesn't know this because she's just trying to get the story about the death/murder/suicide (whatever). About a day goes by and she sees the same story she covered on the news from a different network which approaches the incident from a different perspective, the air. Selma almost has a breakdown as she realizes that this is that guy. That motherfucker who broke her heart back when they were kids.

His death is martyred in a way by his new homeys from the tagging crews he rolled with and now his (and Selma's) secret symbolic glyph can be seen every spring atop skyscraper buildings that grow gardens on the rooftops. From a satellite, people can look at hundreds of building across the nation with colorful, flowery glyphs.

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Bier de Stone

Regarding Don

from: slavezombie
date: Tue, Dec. 11, 2007 04:27 pm (UTC)

I thought of him today when a customer walked in with a very late book. Because our computers are always crashing, I believed his story about not having received his courtesy reminder by e-mail that his book was overdue. so I kindly waived about $6+ for him. He had a previous balance, though, of $6.50 which he paid. One of the books was the one you recommended to me, BASQUES OF THE WORLD (which I started and temporarily placed aside). He saw that I had a patch of the Basquelands flag on the sleeve of my denim jacket and asked me about it. He said he's just been there for a week visiting a friend—I thought of you, then—I asked about the language and electric guitars and he said yes, describing a clicking noise with the back of his throat, or sides of his cheeks (like the word ich in german).
I think his name was jonathan, but I don't remember. Unless I formally ask somebody "What's your name?", looking at the computer screen doesn't seem very sincere and I'm quick to discard it. Asking customers their name seems blase to patrons who know all their personal data is displayed in front of me anyway; so they may interpret it to mean that I'm confirming that the library card they are using is truly their own.
I don't have much readers either. I remember when I first got this lj, how anxious I was to "friend" people and ask to be "added" to their f-list too. (everytime I see the term f-list I can't help but think fuck-list, a version of shit-list). I devoted a lot of time on learning css and customizing this blog, now I guess I have to go out their and ask people to add me—all a part of market communication, I guess. I think publicity should always be free and when I see interest stories on the news involving celebs, I'm thinking publicity stunt. A good one might be for Don to push his way through the lobbyists so that he's let into a courtroom for some injunction currently in the media. He'd get himself arrested, and televised on the news, after making a scene and claiming that his first amendment rights allows him to use a livejournal press pass to solicit information on the case trial.
I would jump at the chance to work for Hlwd, even on a film like "Spiderman revisits Colonial America", but that's because I don't have a degree. I've been teaching myself to write by reading how-to books.

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Re: Regarding Don

from: fluffyblanket
date: Wed, Dec. 12, 2007 07:42 am (UTC)

Hahaha ! You work in a bookshop ? Great - that must be like being paid to enjoy yourself during slack periods ! Good luck with your literary career !
I'm a bibliophile too.I've 13 bookcases full.
Among my favourite writers are: Alberto Moravia,Aldous Huxley,Christopher Isherwood,Colette,Anita Desai,D.H.Lawrence,Dostoyevsky,Ernest Hemingway,Franz Kafka,Hermann Hesse,Jack Kerouac,James Baldwin,James Joyce,Jean-Paul Sartre,Jorge Luis Borges,Marcel Proust,Oscar Wilde,Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda,Simone de Beauvoir,Virginia Woolf,Robert Graves,Thomas Mann,Toni Morrison,Gabriel García Márquez,Yukio Mishima,Henry James,Albert Camus,Arthur Koestler,Laurie Lee,Doris Lessing,Azorín,Pío Baroja,Emilia Pardo Bazán,Isabel Allende,Miguel de Unamuno,Francisco Ayela,some Cela(but not all)-how's that for name-dropping!

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