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Will you go see a movie called purse police with me?

I don't know how long the french version will be available, and I only really want to go to listen to the voice of Mrs. Statrapi. The name of the film is Persepolis and your guess is as good as mine whether it's pronounced "purse police".
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I was too lazy to look at this junk last night. As a matter of fact, the butterfly girl here in the salt mines mentioned that my stories suck, after having explained to her how Dora the explorer was getting on my nerve yesterday. This morning I was think a what if thought. You know how it's difficult to imagine that plants are living things because they don't have a brain, a heart, and they don't move (unless the wind is blowing). They don't walk. Well, I'm sure you are familiar with the petrified forest and how fossils are defined by living creatures/objects that have turned to stone (like medusa's revenge). You've probably also heard of the myth about zombies rising from the dead.

Getting to the point, what if magnets were life forces within the metal that is attracted to its own species. Like the book Hyperion, by Dan Simmons, in which a creature made of metal is on the prowl of an invading human wandering on its land.

To answer my own question, if metal were fossil-like entities, then where does HEAVY metal fit in on all this? Just like me to answer my own question with a question. That's like talking to myself by asking questions, then talking to myself again with the answer (something my ex-gf constantly did). Like Jose when he's closing up the branch. He opens the doors to the restrooms.


Anybody here?
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