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Revivalizing Fraktur

2nd January, 2008 ©
Today's blanket sin
This is the closest I've ever come to finding a font remotely resembling a sample copy I keep stashed in a file. Just call me pack rat. I had a copy of a one liner sample from a reknown calligrapher from one of those how-to books on calligraphy. He called it Fraktur Revival, but I've never been able find an equivalent font version on-line. At least not by searching under the keyword "fraktur revival". What I'm so desperate to find in a font file is basically just a simple, rough, freehand rendition of black letter, see image, with the accentuations that differ regular Antiqua style print preserved.

I guess I was motivated to try again to pull up something similar using I.D. that font, a web site I found plugged in a blog called I heart typos. I had to scan my copy into photoshop to adjust the greyness of the background and separate the letters a bit since they were running into each other. I'm getting good at using photoshop for minor touch ups like this.

Meanwhile, I can't think of anything to draw. Comicstrips seem so silly to me now, in comparison with the manga I've seen published. That's where the money is in cartooning, big, wide eyes with tear drops building in them.

There was a nifty little line that was brewing in my head. It occurs when
a guy tries unsuccessfuly to pick up on a woman who doesn't want anything to do with him.

Hello. Do you… come here often?

Hi. Where? … to the supermarket?
I know what you're thinking. I don't mean to be flirtatious. I'm not the kind of guy who picks up on women
Oh? Maybe that's you're problem. Look, before you say anything further. I'm taken.

            SINGLE GUY
Oh really? That's okay with me, you know. I'm not the jealous type and, well, as long as you're not married or anything serious like that…

You know what, eat shit and die!
The goddess woman then swings herself around and walks away.
Who's shit are you talking about?

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