Bier de Stone (slavezombie) wrote,
Bier de Stone

A nudie booby cooler

What a day today was. I'm so tired. Today's amusements/ulcers were performed by a minor, dyke adolescent and her monkey. It's that monkey walking all over the tops of the computer tables that really gets to me. Kids like that just grow up in a society filled with insults about their race and color because they act like animals. The worst part about it is they don't care and take the position that, because they don't see eye to eye with the contradictions against their behavior, these kids who come from low income, lower class families, feel a need to disguise their wants with carelessness.

It's like a conversation that's taking place between two rivals.

ha ha, you don't have your own iPod and I do. ha ha.

ha ha. Who the fuck cares about iPods when I'm stoned 24 hours a day. Oh yeah, you don't know what being high is cuz you don't have any drugs. ha ha.

I changed the font for my blog today. I've got to stop tweaking it. I spend more time doing that and feeling dumb for my lack of technological know-how than I would if I just dumped my old computer and got a new one, with replacement/upgrade software and new programs to make me feel stupid trying to learn them.

Jeezus fuck, did anybody catch last night's episode of Laura Knightlinger? I never thought I would say this, but because I like that show so much, I hope they don't go around showing boobies all the time. Something like that is bound to result in the same fate that Lucky Louie got. Oh, but those boobs were excellent. More, more!

I did this headline while at my desk, the one with the portable drawing board made from a plank of composite wood and this is exactly the kind of thing that occurs in this madhouse of a job. See the typo? It always happens that a typo/misspelled word occurs in the end of a sentence. Something like that isn't likely to happen at the beginning where starting over wouldn't be so bad. The worst part about it is, I know I was misspelling the word globally. Please, let's not even talk about the horrible rendition of Rockner I'm practicing here.

Caught red handed, I swear to God, capitalism can suck my cock. Ever since I got caller ID, I see who calls me on the telephone just to hang up, and it's either a damn robot recorder, or a lazy ass telemarketer from these companies:

  • Advance Professional Imaging
  • Cos Jorge
  • CPYC
  • AIL
  • IC Systems

Not to be too quick to point the blame at this list of recent callers… God, I don't even wanna talk about it anymore.

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