Bier de Stone (slavezombie) wrote,
Bier de Stone

Photography galore

Just stumbled onto this site with so many interesting pictures to look at, it reminds me of because of the way I faithfully return to look at the recent gif images. I'm almost certain these photos are not available for free, but I do recall having seen the giraffe kissing a squirrel a few week/months back. I even commented on it (but don't ask me where it went bcuz I dunno). I wonder if a giraffe's tongue is anything like an anteaters' tongue. Wouldn't it be special to visit the LA Zoo and be face to face with a giraffe determined to get some tongue action from you?! Here's the link where you might find the giraffe & squirrel sucking face
Does anybody remember the old Foster's Freeze on Sunset? Just before they closed down, they put up a sign next door asking if anybody's had seen their lost "giraffe".

Here we have Uncle Frank taking his little nephew to the peak of the rocks.
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