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Night life

It isn't everyday I give myself a treat in a boozer like Hard Rock Cafe. So I'm really not too adept at making the experience "fun". This is mainly because people either go for the entertainment, or for the opportunity to meet new people. Well, when it comes to meeting new people, my attitude sucks. To think I only allowed myself this reward because I finished reading a book that's not so much boring as it was a slow read.

I went over to the frame shop today and met a new addition to the staff. Her name is a fog right now, but it is a toss between Kira or Gorgious Rutledge (RJ for short). Anyway, I am talking about a puppy German Shephard.

So back to main topic. I discovered I can hold my liquor. I don't know about making Hard Rock Cafe a regular stopping point because the people r quite young and I fear, if I did approach someone, she would blow me off as an old fart, or else I might find myself in competition with an athletic type anxious to make a display of brawn by making me a spectacle. I don't handle humiliation well I don't think.

Okay, so I'm sitting at the bar and a a bit of crumpet awaits her drink from the bartender. I thought she was somebody I knew but couldn't be certain because I didn't have contacts in place. So she denies being who I think she is and then klinks my drink in a toast about the how I emphasized her capability to be a model; when what I wanted to say was, 'whatdya think we blow this joint for a private corner where we can snog `til we fall apart at the seams. Go figure. Next time I`ll take my camera and go shoot everyone.

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