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Fri, Jun. 6th, 2008 | 11:29 am  slavezombie

Graffiti in space
Mysticism played a big part in my growing up. I made wishes well into my twenties. I would look up at the sky in search for falling stars. Any chance I got, you name it, and I would make a wish. Wishing wells, oil lamps, first star I see tonight, good luck charms, fairies, blowing out candles, etc. The wishes were always the same. I wanted my ex girlfriend back. At the time, these things were still foreseeable (i guess), however, I didn't get my wish probably because I asked for them obscurely. I always wanted a career in graphic design, so half those wishes were directed toward showing my ex that I made good money. The other half went toward a desirable short haired woman I met in college (not my ex-girlfriend), who now reminds me of the time I met my high school sweetheart's mother.

I don't really care anymore about my wishes. I've become accustomed to neglecting myself the simple pleasures of life. I reason that if I can't have what I want, I'm not going to settle for second best. The problem with that is, if a playboy bunny tried to seduce me next week, or more believably my birthday next year, I would not respond because of the idea that what I'm really searching for is a long term relationship.

So to entertain myself, I write screenplays. I just don't seem to be able to express myself effectively through art anymore. One of the things I'm tossing around up there is the idea of graffiti on rooftops for google map observation.

The last ¶ of this entry I made back in 2007 describes the concept of growing rooftop gardens on skyrise buildings. To show that I'm not the only one thinking like this, I've discovered an artist in Vancouver who went and achieved this same idea. Read the blog at http://whereonearthiswaldo.wordpress.com/ to learn more about the satellite image of "where's Waldo" as it is painted in a Canadian rooftop.

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