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Mon, Jun. 9th, 2008 | 09:05 pm  slavezombie

Sadistic chores

Today's blanket sin

9th June, 2008 Thumbnail
illustr/lettering by Henry (76534329@N00)

Growing up on the ranch, as I like to call it, was quite depressing. From time to time, I was handed the responsibility of mowing the lawn. With that little task came weeding the two palm trees of grass, a job I detested because that area was always prime for passing dogs.

Probably the worst thing I had to do, which I often postponed until my dad would lend a helping hand, was to trim the holly tree. I don't care how thick and leathery the gloves I wore were, the thorny leaves always managed to pierce through them. And I hated pain too.

I may have uploaded a short rhyming passage about falling leaves and how I find myself waving arms at them like a lunatic trying to catch them before they hit the ground. It isn't as if I hang out under tall trees waiting for a leaf to fall. I just spot them sometimes as I happen to be walking by, a quirk developed from butterflies that sometimes seem to have an attack regimen in their flight path, and if barely caught through the side of your eyes, might appear to be a bat or a gigantic bumblebee. Leaves falling in front of your path are less stressful.

Would I still feel the same about trying to catch a falling holly leaf? Hell no! Those dried up leaves can become stiff as an iron plate. And the thorns on them are a precise as needles. Why would I want to catch one of those? For pain? Oh yeah. Pain. Then, after I manage to puncture a bunch of tiny holes in my hand, I can draw on the pavement a smiley face.

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Bier de Stone

Re: Thanks a lot with what you said.

from: slavezombie
date: Thu, Jun. 12, 2008 02:26 pm (UTC)

From what I hear, marriage isn't too much different. Learning to live with one another is okay the first couple month, but just like brother and sisters may have their differences growing up while living under the same roof, sooner or later spouses must get on each other's nerves. I dunno for sure b'cuz I've never been married. My biggest obstacle is getting over that love-at-first-site feeling I had that I can't seem to find with anybody else (except AG). I never did what you descibe your bf did after two years. Visit. But I still think of my ex after twenty-some years.

BTW, did you know I'm straight? I know how my blog might be misleading with pictures of Ana Garcia all over the place. I'm not Ana Garcia though. I'm her secret admirer.

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