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Wed, Jun. 18th, 2008 | 12:06 am  slavezombie

I'm down to the last chapter of this boring book. I shouldn't say that. It's lazy me who can't keep his attention span long enough to finish such a thin book in a single day.

Let's face it, though. There's a lot better stuff out there being filed as classic literature. I'm also reading up on the principles of readability. I didn't know that good writing is not defined by its big words rather than its facility to read. All that means is, writers must find simplistic ways to convey their ideas in print.

Now that's boring stuff. Can you imagine? OK, in one corner you have a screenwriter. The dialog he uses is 8th grade reading level, the direction is a bit higher as the writer must convey his vision to photographer, director, etc. God, that's too complicated for me.

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from: fluffyblanket
date: Wed, Jun. 18, 2008 05:25 am (UTC)

I must admit I preferred "Steppenwolf". Some on the Left , dislike Hesse because of his friendship with Jung - whom they , unjustly , consider a Nazi sympathiser . Certainly , Hesse had an influence on the hippies and New Age community .

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