January 17th, 2006

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Zakk Wylde

Today`s noon event in Hollywood is tempting enough to call in sick. It is so convenently scheduled because nobody really knowing how I felt yesterday, whether or not I was coming down with anything Monday, supports my claim of feeling ill. Zakk Wylde`s induction to Guitar Center`s walk of fame is where I wanna be today.

      I still have a 35mm µ and there seems to be an unused roll of film that`s been sitting in it for the past two or three years. I`m gonna start driving around with it to see what kind of interesting things I can photograph. As far as calling in sick… I was I`m-not-lying sick last week, so fun in the sun won`t be happening for me. I just don`t feel good about calling in sick when the only thing I`d be doing would be spending a half hour browsing from the back (on tip-toes) trying to peer over the shoulders of giants to catch a glimpse, and a snapshot, of Ozzy and Zakk. I know I`ve made wrong decisions before, but aside from nearly chopping of my index finger while washing the dishes after lunch break, work isn`t that bad.

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screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

Golden Globes

Does anybody else feel like the movie CLOSER was the story of their life and the role their life plays in it is the part of Daniel?

Natalie Portman was absolutely beautiful at the awards ceremony. I would`ve liked to see her standing next to Scarlett Johansson. I thought Scarlet was quite convincing as a Dutch girl in last weeks SNL. I have a thing for Dutch girls. J During the red carpet interviews, I caught quick glimpses of background peeps. One of em had small, wire-rimmed sunglasses which made her eyes look like they were covered in black paint. Something in front of her mouth, possibly a cell phone mike, gave the impression of black lipstick. It was then that I realized that I`m attracted to the goth look. Or brunettes.
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