December 30th, 2006

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Why is the week still not ended?

    This has been one of the longest weeks for me. I still must show up for work today. Saturday, of all days. Officially my weekend doesn't start until Sunday.
    I still have to send Joan a letter explaining some of the hi-lites of what's been going on since she left for Seattle. I'm thinking of doing that by hand in script, since that's what she sent me. Her reason for sending a hard copy of a letter was a power outage, my reason is I haven't accomplished very much other than clutter my drafting table with loose paper, ink bottles and strewn calligraphy pens.
    For that matter, I haven't picked up my guitar either. But i did manage to find a sample sheet of page one to the guitar tabs of the song MEAN MAN. I should probably point out that there is a difference, if only by a single note, between the digitally formatted tabs printed using monospace fonts from the more popular sites out there. The note is on Bb5/F5. I knew there was a change in chords around the part of the lyrics which go "motherfuckin' man", but I didn't know how to manipulate the notes to get the correct sound.
    I'm kinda wanting to have pizza tonight for dinner, but I also wanna just sit with my guitar. I guess I can do both, and that might even prevent blistering by limiting how much playing time I spend. Thing is, after pizza, I just wanna siesta. Lj seems to be working fine again. I cleared the cache and am noticing slight changes to the post an entry window. Maybe I've just been gone too long. I miss doodling for you guys. Somehow I feel that my stupid illustrations bring in more readers (and comments). It's cold. Brrrr.
screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

This year's December holiday theme

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    I wuz gonna upload this cartoon when i saw it back in November. I don't remember why anymore, other than the inscription on the entrance to the White House reading "torture macht frei". Because Da Vinci code emphasized various behavior disorders toward Opus Dei followers, and I really see the same kind of self mutilation in people who indulge in body piercing, this slogan is a perfect description of one of the many freedoms that Americans are able to practice.
   Another cool freedom is being able to view the last few moments of an historic figure breathing his last breath before being hanged to death. Collapse )    Poor guy. I remember reading a book where rulers of men prefer being executed as a prisoner of war in front of a firing squad with a cigaret in his mouth. Maybe that was eons ago, but I hear that the death penalty in California is being outlawed under the basis of cruel and unusual punishment. I wonder if the guillotine will ever make a comeback. That guillotine technique use to give me the creeps.