November 1st, 2007


A halloween murder investigation

(click for illustration)

This morning I woke up to the news about a murder that was discovered in a posh New York apartment on Fifth Avenue. Apparently, a well to do VIP, Linda Stein, was found bludgeoned to death in her apartment on Halloween. Police are still investigating the crime scene.

Linda Stein was known to be the real estate broker to the stars. Seeing that Hollywood is stigmatized as being he home to the stars, and earlier this month there were loads of news stories concerning corrupt practices in mortgage companies, am I being overly concerned if I say one thing is obviously an effect of another?

In §C4, back on October 17, I read something entitled Stocks fall on housing woes; Officials' remarks heighten economic concerns as investors sift through mixed earnings news which was a direct result of a mortgage company being interrogated for fraud (or some such accusation). Why should this matter to me? I mean, I don't even own property. It does matter, mainly because I can't seem to afford a nice house myself and am doomed to rent possibly for the rest of my life. A home is like a family. Home sweet home. A person wants to come home, to a family, after work and be able to dine with the people he loves, or raise a ruckus in his garage band with minimal interruptions from neighbors. Then there's the issue of broken families and how loveless marriages tend to remain as families for reasons illogical to the mind but beneficial to the offspring, or economical. This is why I find the death of the broker to the stars verrry interesting.


Chess moves

I said to myself "Ooh, cool. This laptop has a chess game. I'm gonna play!" because time is going by really slowly today. I thought today was Friday, and somebody here at work thought it would be fun to burst my bubble and bring me back to reality by telling me it's still only Thursday. To top everything off, my dumb MacBook beat me at chess mercilessly. I think I need a zombie yoga class. I found this mp4 from