December 13th, 2007

heaven et hell


Thanks to Julz, I ended up leaving on the desktop the stupidist version of MONSTER MASH. Now, the lady in the next cubicle has clicked on it a discovered that she can browse a shit load of music. She's got electronic-techno disco crap playing. IT SOUNDS LIKE A VINYL RECORD SKIPPING OVER THE SAME THREAD. MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!!
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I just can't bring myself to eMail these pix to Julz. We were talking about how weird Marilyn Manson was and she brought up the trivia bit "Wasn't he the one who had two of his ribs removed so he could pleasure himself?" Behind the lj-cut are movie stills of the scenes from the 1983 film Blue thunder where the flexible yoga woman spends a night practicing her yoga (in the nude) amongst other things.
The Anna Forrest pix from the movie Blue Thunder were taken down by the server