January 1st, 2008

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Headlines for the 28

It's almost shameful that newsdesigner's blog uses Bhutto's assassination to collect US newspaper headlines the day after to compare layout dummies. However, it does get everybody on the same page in terms of conceptualization and how they approach an horrific event, which indirectly hacks at US interests. Also included are headlines of international news prints.

There will be blood

Finally caught this film in it's entirety before it gets a nationwide release. I wanted to avoid the nationwide version before possible editing/shortening of the film left me empty and curious about what got cut. I have gotten so accustomed to my HBO channels, that I won't even watch a movie on other cable channels because the editing for content, for brevity, for commercials, to me is just another way of saying remember who's your daddy.

I couldn't help seeing some resemblances of my father in Daniel Plainview, and his favorite fountain pens clipped to his breast pocket also reminded me of my grandfather's pocket protector. Perhaps there's some Irish blood in me after all and the resemblance of a wealthy profiteer from Texas is all in the actor's features. The main character in this film is Daniel Plainview who has an objective to triumph in the oil business, but he has a vengeance that surfaces in his negotiations between other large organizations which literally take him for a ride, what I call extorting. But the plight of the oil man still reverberates that old adage my father used to advise his children during our childhood rearing years: 'whatever you do in life, be the best' which in turn happened to be something his boss Frank Acuña told him.

Suzie from her library days
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Of course, I screwed that bit of wisdom probably just to rebel, but I see it more like pursuing a career the way the undecided college student constantly changes his major declaring "undecided" to his counselor. I'm sorry, but I couldn't wait for the WGA strike to end before starting to watch movies again, especially now that David Letterman is taking his crew of writers back on the air. The radio actually announced that the Late show would go back on full staff while other late shows would wing it.

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