March 12th, 2008




I meant to find a brief opinionated observation on a news segment I entered into lj months ago having to do something about pelicans. It was a news report here on the west coast addressing pollution and pelicans literally dropping dead. It was a while back and I can't remember where it is which is probably a good thing. I'm pretty silly about things sometimes. I'm fascinated by the myth that pelicans were viewed as resourceful creatures who'd find perilous ways to feed their young offspring when faced with a famine stricken habitat.

I'm reminded of this in an article about the court trial everybody seems to be talking about. I’m sure NBC4 has been covering the Federal indictment of Anthony Pellicano. It’s just that all my attention is always focused on Ana's sexy bod, smooth skin, lovely hands and reading between the lines of every word she says that, when I hear the news, I'm totally lost. I have no idea about what’s been going on in this case, and as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. I would otherwise be anxiously waiting for the trial (like it was a soap opera).

I’m reading all my entertainment news from the RSS feed provided by, but it’s news like this that gets me on a roll trying to find blogs containing similar info on legal disputes in Hollywood. I have yet to find a dedicated site that includes updated news on Catherine Keener. I like her. She has a cool name. And she’s pretty too.

I found a free lj blog called poplifebiz as a result, but it freezes up my browser because it contains so many entries (images). I feel like somebody with ADD because I can’t just be content with whatever gets published on portfolio. It seems I get distracted with developing my research skills, like a librarian or something.

This trial that has a circus of Hollywood witnesses listed to testify seems to be bigger than the act of secession. Remember Hollywood, Venice, San Fernando? I’m going to want to read these articles over again for clarity. Whenever I hear mention of the acronym RICO, I think somebody’s talking about me, and my mind begins to wander yet again. Just take a look at this press conference picture. At a glance, I thought one of these guys might be Chuck Henry, my fav news anchors on NBC.

Of the three articles I’ve read so far, the latter is by far the most complex. When I see the name Kirk Kerkorian, I’m seeing KKK; when I come across the line “save-your-butt litigation", what I’m thinking of is George Tenet’s inference to his job at CIA in Center of the storm NBC4's Ana Garcia as the abbreviation for “Cover Your Ass”; and back when I was desperate for work, I found solace at Collier Young Agency, who still owes me money BTW. The coincidence that the trial involves phone tapping seems to be typica that the media would allow itself to be manipulated into airing coverage of this while voting citizens take a breather from the primaries. But I'm also reminded about my school daze and whether or not my so-called friends sabotaged me with the creation of three-way calling. Geez, I swear, if you can't trust your friends as kids, you can't trust nobody.

What I mean is, my paranoia doesn’t give an inch. From the impeachment of the governor in NY, to uncertain Italian towns in Queens, my suspicions for wanting to uncover hidden details that could divulge private data all narrows down to one thing. There must be hundreds of women that look like Ana (a commercial for higher education depicting one of them as a pretty medical student alone in a lecture hall), and I find safety in seeing women on TV as a result of some ferocious head banging and drug experimentation during a stage in life when puberty and discovering love was the only thing on my mind.