March 30th, 2008

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Fishes are exhausting creatures

The aquarium had a leak in it so I had to empty it out. This is a picture of a goldfish I got about five years ago. As a result of a turtle outgrowing his plastic container, I went out and purchased this black tub for it, but he wasn't happy. He ran away, or got eaten by an opossum. I dug around the house for some sticks that are used as stakes for wilting plants. I also used as stakes palm branches to build a sorta fence around it to keep snoopers

I know for a fact that my little goldfish, which is now about four or five inches, will love the fresh night air this spring. They love cold water. As far as the sun goes, I covered the top with a piece of metal once belonging to a stove. Now my only concern is how to supply oxygen into the water. I have a filter that I'll set up tomorrow, but I really have dreams of sneaking fishie into the koi pond at Farmer's Market the grove. What an adventure that would be, right?

Aw, you can barely make out the fish from this angle. I took these quick photos for the scrapbook in case something happens to it. The dog house is right next to it, so marsupials & felines will nary come `round wandering. I encircled his little habitat with chicken wire too. Here's a better picture of the little guy. Collapse )