June 7th, 2008

heaven et hell


Anguish in Connecticut follows a chilling hit & run

Los Angeles Times, AP 6/6/8

The Associated Press released a story about a 78 year old man who was critically injured after he was runned over by two vehicles. After a surveillance camera captured the entire incident, it was seen that nobody who'd witnessed the accident made an attempt to help by redirecting traffic, assuring victim that an ambulance would be arriving shortly, etc.

Officials involved in the aftermath of the crime comment that the observance without assistance was "beyond chilling". What would you do? Do you feel qualified? Here is my excuse for NOT showing assistance in an emergency like this if it ever occurred in front of me. I would have to get over the idea that this wasn't just a stunt from a film crew rehearsing a traffic accident, then I would have to get over the idea that something like this is just like a movie and the two hit & run culprits might be back to finish the job. After I have convinced myself of these things, I would ask myself if I were qualified to redirect traffic without causing somebody to experience road rage, or if I could posibly address a person lying unconcious and covered in blood that an ambulance is on it's way (even though I haven't yet called 911, nor know if anybody else has called).

Once I have completely gotten over this type of reasoning, I would then say to myself "isn't it just better not to get involved?" because I would look around at all the bystanders doing nothing and continue to blend in as the innocent bystander who had nothing to do with it this time, although last time I got convicted for someTHING I WAS INNOCENT OF THAT TOO!!!


Rip off at the pub

The L.A. Times today printed an interview with Salman Rushdie, the guy who wrote the Satanic verses. In it he addresses the subject of his fans. Rushdie confirms his awareness that many people must dislike him, and retorts with a rebuttal that he "doesn't like them either". I love my American neighborfellow countrymen. ❤❤❤ Being the type of person that I am, always striving for what I can't have, I think it's not too far fetched to say that I love my haters more. I'm 101% certain my exgirlfriend hates me. But I still feel the same way about her.

Get this bit I read in the Wall Street Journal. I think it's relevent since my last drinking binge I made the resolution to NOT drink anymore (something easier said that done). Drinking beer has always seemed to be a comradery, though I usually drink alone.

Beer: A pint-size problem

by Nancy Keates, Wall St Journal, 6/7-8/8 Sat/Sun §W3

Scientists may say that the alcohol in beer affect a person the same way that the alcohol in wine or spirits affect people. I think behavioral conduct differs between a persons drunk on beer compared to persons drunk on hard liquor. There seems to be a manly standard when confronted with a room full of beer drinkers as opposed to a room full of wine drinkers. Perhaps it's a bladder thing, which solves the mystery as to why women don't like beer. I wouldn't either if I had to constantly be thinking about the sanitary conditions of the restroom.

Apparently, beer lovers are noticing how some restaurants are short changing their customers by serving pints in smaller glasses that don't hold a full pint of 16oz. Rather, these entrepreneurs are selling their customers 14oz. beer at the price of a pint. What a rip-off! right? Well, there's a movement to correct this problem and attempts to regulate, by government enforcement if necessary, the size of pint glasses, but i'm not sure I want to participate in something like that. I'm not even comfortable drinking a beer by myself if the people around me are questionable. I'm very picky about people. Since getting myself into a scrape, which I'm sure happens to everybody, in which my face was pummeled like a punching bag over a girl, I hold much distrust over humanity, especially the brotherly kind. Although that's different from saying I hate everybody, I guess it is a thin line.

I'm not much of a chemist, but if I ever do decide to start drinking again, I'll find a way to measure my beer contents and if I feel I'm getting short changed, I'll start up a mug collection.