June 17th, 2008


cartoon II

Panel 1: Show ear infection of a lice encrusted pedestrian using a public telephone. His mouth is smeared with snot from the bronchial infection he is suffering.

Panel 2: Show contact to telephone with infirmed person's disgusting mouth, ears, hair.

Panel 3: Then a pedestrian in need for the phone loses interest when he picks up the receiver and feels a slimey substance on it, looks closely at it and sees white microscopic life forms scattering.

Panel 4: CAPTION: "Solution" show busy traffic congestion with bumper to bumper vehicles containing drivers and passengers idly using their cell phones. At the shoulder are one or two traffic officers handing out citations.


Natalie Portman


Today's blanket sin

I know you are, but what I am? This is why I don't watch sports. I get a bit attached to a team, normally the home team, and what happens? I go into a stupor because they are humiliated. Well, I'm glad I don't watch basketball, baseball, football.

People have to be married to enjoy sports. You know the typical scenario. It's the weekend and nobody really wants to do anything out of doors, so, unless a spouse offers to go to market and pick up groceries, the only way out of the house is by keeping the yard clean, the pool, the pond. When that routine is repeated over and over again for infinity, who needs the great outdoors when you have sports. Right? or am I wrong (again).