July 21st, 2008


Blue moons

A blue moon happens when a single month contains a complete lunar cycle and the full moon occurs twice, once near the beginning of the month, and a second time (blue moon) nearing the end of the month. When I look up at the full moon, what do I see? Well, if I am looking at it when it is positioned as I've always known it to be (from the northern hemisphere and not upside down), I see JFK's head.

I wonder whether the half dollar was originally design to reflect the resemblance of the moon. The profile shown on the coin is in the same direction in which I see his silhouette on the moon. I guess you have to have a vivid imagination to fill in the gaps but I'm not alone in seeing the profile of a head. Here are some links that show similar visions. Why they don't emphasize the resemblance to JFK, I'll never know.

Man in the moon
moon illusions

I stumbled onto this from an entry that popped up in google after a feeble search for info on the chinese frog that is seen from the people in the far east. http://koreanexperience.blogspot.com/2007/09/chuseok-festivities.html And, in turn, other blog entries addressing these illusions http://wfmh.org.pl/thorgal/Moon/

heaven et hell


Scientists can be so pessimistic. Why does it have to be a bad thing that the constellation Ophiuchus will be in alignment with the earth. Maybe something great will happen. In the short time that I have spent trying to learn my who I am by reading my natal chart, I've managed to memorize the order of the signs of the zodiac. Yet, I always had trouble remembering what comes after Scorpio, either Sagittarius or Capricorn. They way I got around this problem was typecasting Christ's zodiac sign, Capricorn. By memorizing that, and of course his birthdate on December 25, I could then finish listing the order of the zodiac signs.

In most astrology books, Pisces is always last. When I list the signs, however, I always start with Pisces which happens to be my own sign. I'm not ashamed to use my fingers. When I['m told somebody's birthdate, I count them months out on my fingers starting with March (Pisces). It's ironic that the 13th signM, Ophiuchus, would be between Scorpio and Hercules, isn't it?

This is a video about the lost book of Nostradamus and what is going to happen when the Aztec calendar ends


Summer fun

I don't know what's up with me. Am I fickle? I know I had been planning to see The dark knight a few weeks ago, but now that it's out in theatres, I don't feel like it. I don't know what it is. I must be scared of hoping for too much like when I went to see Iron man and thought it was crap. It seems like I only go for what I cannot have; or maybe I just want to find ways to watch these upcoming movies in advance before the masses.

I came up with another list of junk that may be interesting. I'll at least have something to do at work tomorrow reading synopsis and checking off name actors. Note that I'm just plugging these upcoming movie titles for convenience. I may be back to edit the list with imdb hotlinks.

  • 3-day weekend
  • Annie's first dates
  • Beholden
  • Chuecatown
  • Dandelion fall
  • Dog tags
  • Family
  • Henry poole is here imdb
  • The horseman
  • I'oú rêvé sous l'eau imdb
  • Mirrors
  • My Bollywood bride imdb
  • The no sit list
  • El primo
  • The spot
  • The stain on the sidewalk imdb
  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona imdb
  • What we do is secret
  • Wrangler: anatomy of an icon
  • Wreck the halls