August 21st, 2008



Why is it so hard to find a wrist band for my swiss army watch? On their web site, they indicate a separate 800 number, and when I try to place an order on-line, it doesn't go thru. I don't really know which model I have. I know it's a corporate watch, possibly Officer 1884, but I doubt it's the $300 plus version. I've called all jewelry departments within a twenty mile radius from home, nobody has it in stock. They'd have to order it once I brought the watch in to confirm model type.

Out of frustration, I placed an order for a spyderco Endura folding knife. I see myself getting down and dirty in the yard with a handy dandy cutting tool hooked onto my belt as I mow the lawn, trim hedges, prune rose bushes, etc. How many times have I been in the garden without something sharp to cut off a ripened artichoke? Lots.

Anyway, in other news… I was reading an entry in the L.A. social club los_angeles about graffiti. You can see it here. Apparently, there's some law that's being voted one (today or yesterday) that, if passed, will go into effect in 30 days making parents of children caught vandalizing walls with their graffiti art held responsible. GOOD!!

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Let's do book burning the day after tomorrow

Here I is. I write entries about how the FCC needs to lighten up on their censorship over strong language. Nobody understands movies that are redubbed with beeps and replacements words. They just don't make sense. It gives a character an identity crisis. No wonder people think that libraries are day care centers. If the government continues to assume caretaker instead of letting parents make the decision about what TV shows and movies their kids are allowed to see, then of course people are going to drop off their kids at the bibliotechy.

Let's face one fact. Sin will never be the same that it was when I was young and curious about sexuality. I would stand by the xpress news machines waiting for nobody to be around before dispensing my quarter to open it and yank a dirty paper quick enough to fold and hide under my shirt. …And people don't think Internet rhymes with Inquisition.

It's funny how journalists are trained to write with a neutral outlook on their subject. They rather say it's OK to burn books, rather than to suggest storage, for an already published book with language too strong to successfully turn a profit, until a future time when all printed words are considered equally part of a literary world. Read Swearing removed from kids' book to learn more about offensive 4-letter words. The article doesn't mention what the word is other than to describe it as one letter away from "twit" which the author will use to replace it with; my guess is it's "twat", as in "Tch, what?".