February 20th, 2009


Scripts: "it's open now."

A couple walks into the library, seemingly upper middle class, and requests access to the restrooms. They're inquiry is made short and quaint. "Excuse me, is it possible to gain access to the restroom?"

The reply from the employee is "It's open now." Does this reply differ in it's approach to accommodate a customer if it is annunciated with a comma? "It's open, now." I don't know why, but I get the sensation when using this phrase as a quick response to indicate to a customers I've just unlocked the door, as if I were talking to hyperactive children running around and causing a ruckus and trying to get their attention as they whiz by by saying "Careful! Don't knock down your little sister now."

screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

food nyom nyom nyom

So here I am waiting for my Turkey Cranberry croissant. I'm getting good reception and the girls aren't bad looking either. I wish I could stay but I had this craving for a carrot juice. So, to satisfy my cravings, I gotta stop by the starbucks and grab myself a juice and make my way back to the salt mines. Or not. I might just eat there. That way I can test out their signals too. I'm really weary buying a network booster because I honestly believe that my computer laptop is not so old that it isn't able to compete in the public signal coming out of the public library. I find myself doing head counts there to see how many people are actually working on their 'puters and will soon build up enough nerve to ask kindly if they are indeed getting a wifi signal okay.