March 6th, 2009


Stopped up sinks

I've always felts that SNDTRK songs in movies have a deus-ex-machina effect in films, and most movies that abuse the background score with pop songs are teen sex flicks. The more effective ways this effect of leading the audience into the groove of the characters is by having the source of music within screen shot. Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist was effective in this by staying within hearing distance of dance clubs or street vans with hi-tech audio gear.

I must've watched this movie six times already, including the commentator version of actors and writers. I don't usually make it a point to watch movies about teens because of my own lack of slang hip which leaves me completely lost in the story plot. The movie Nick & Nora is not like that, however, the commentator audio features containing the writers' viewpoint of the scenes went over my head. Either they're talking too fast, or I just can't envision their perspective on things because I haven't read the book yet. Must make note to self to look up book.

In this version of the film [containing writer commentaries], a scene describing Kat as using her cell phone in one hand and sticking her middle finger out in a "fuck you" gesture is mentioned, but I still have yet to find that scene. There's also a bit about how the author of the story came up with the name of the band "Where's fluffy". Apparently, while writing the book, somebody's cat "fluffy" had run away, but if I had to come up with an explanation for this yuppie infatuation with a band named "Where's fluffy" which nobody in the real world has ever heard of, then I would have to go of the deep end and say it's a distortion of a line of lyrics to the song *After hours*. Do you remember that one?

The line is "time means nothing" and somehow I got it into my head how much that sounds like it contains the word fluffy: "time mean fluffy" Now for those of us who are way past our yuppie stage in life, time definitely means everything; so a line like that in song would be totally whack. Hence, the obsession to locate fluffy. Where's fluffy? Where does the time go?

Anyway, I was going to include the lyrics to this song with this entry, but I think I like the lyrics to Collapse )

This song reminds me of my attempt to change my name by use because all throughout k-12 I went by a name other than my given name. You know how names are shortened like Patty instead of Patricia, or Dan instead of Daniel. Well, my version was more like John instead of Juan, or Pete instead of Pedro. There is supposed to be some silly law in this country that assists people in changing their name without having to file anything in court, or pay any court fees. Bullshit. It doesn't work.

Everytime I hopped from job to job, I had to explain all over again that I prefer one name over the other. Sometimes it caught on, sometimes it didn't. Maybe it all depended on how long I held my gigs for, but it became frustrating. My mail would be misdirected and Dear ol' Dad would tell me that he opened my mail because I kept forgetting to tell peeps that I was JUNIOR. Fuck you, Dad. Have you ever stopped to consider that the asshole typing the letter being mailed was too lazy to include that suffix.

Today my kitchen sink gets stopped up and my old man who rents to me says it's my fault because I let my hair build up in the bathroom drain. I say, WTF are you talking about? It the kitchen sink that's clogged, and the scenario just goes on and on. Frustrating. I have a grudge against my dad dating back to high school. After cutting class, I finally get busted and the only way I'll be admitted to school is if Dad comes by to talk to my counselor. He says he thinks the reason I'm being so rebellious is because of my girlfriend, the first time I ever heard him complain about her. I mean, I had no inkling that he even knew I was dating somebody and all of a sudden he comes out with this disapproval thing from left field.

Heh, a few years after breaking up with my high school sweetheart, he sees that I don't seem to be having any luck with the girls/women, and he tries to tell me that I need to find somebody to settle down with. Hehe. Stupid fuck. Maybe if I had a little support, I might've been steered to settle down with my high school sweetheart (if she'd have had me). We'll never know. Life's a surprise.

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