April 13th, 2009


I said, shut it!

The most obnoxious asshole walks in to the oppressosphere. He's been making his presence known lately by losing his temper with staff around here. The other day I witnessed him yelling at a co-worker for something or another, making accusations and what not concerning his voice level. Before that, I never really noticed him as a regular, but today he asks me for access to the loo. Heh… somebody happened to ask for access before him and so I had to say that it was occupied. He seems to take this fine and walks away, but he sees another worker as asks the same question of them. The other worker allows him access, even though she didn't realize somebody else was already in there. I'll call this worker M. Linus Delumber.

Anyway, instead of the asshole making his way to the john, he walks back over to me and says in a accusatory tone, "Why didn't you let me into the restroom? but the other employee says it's fine? You're crazy. Can't you see whomever else is in their is also a guy?" Blah blah blah.

I say to him that it is one of the rules I must enforce, to limit access to the restroom to one person (for jerk-offs like him who act like juveniles. But the nut case goes on about how crazy I am and how the system where I work is flawed and bizarre. I can't argue with him on that last count, because, frankly, a job that requires that I turn the other cheek and welcome abusive treatment from angry-with-the world fucks like that is right up there with the dirtiest jobs in the world as far as I'm concerned.

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Pot lucks at work

Pot lucks were always a drag at work. I never considered myself the social type, and though now I've learned that it takes a lot of work to be social, even for the peeps who make it look so simple, I would rather contribute to a pot luck that do work. Indeed, it's nice to know that the people I work with find it in their heart to observe something like a simple birthday, so I've decided to continue the tradition of the kindness all around and memorize everyone's birthday so that nobody it missed, and we all have an excuse to party.

In this photo the b-day boy is huffing and puffing while the photographer casually takes her time to take the shot. As you can see, there is a box of matches in his hand as he re-lit the candle because the cameraman wasn't ready the first time. Heh, so much for birthday wishes. It was a real gas this week because the following week, another birthday celebration was organized for the employee calming standing in the background in this next shot Collapse )

I meant to post these canon exposures earlier, but I didn't take many shots with the camera and it bothers me when I plug my camera to the USB for only two or three shots. I still don't know how to use the damn thing. I'm working on carrying it around with me more often, but the last batch of rechargeable batteries really traumatized me when they, slowly losing their ability to hold a charge, became untrustworthy. It's just as well. I've been getting some crazy ideas of stopping at various steep, hilly streets nearby to take pictures of stairs. There's something about stairs that intrigues me, especially when they're wooden stairs.

Just as a disclaimer, because I learned by my friend fluffyblanket that picture inclusion in blogs with radical ideas like mine might be slightly risky, I'm not claiming to be the guy in these pictures. If I was, I wouldn't dress that way if I knew there would be pictures being taken. Heh-heh. I guess you'll never know until we meet at the local bar. Cheers!