April 17th, 2009

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Observe & report

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I saw a funny movie today. It's about a mall cop who has secret desires to become a law enforcement officer, and yet, I'm not too sure if the act he puts on for a detective isn't really him being sarcastic about the whole police scene. I don't think I'll ever be able to get Ray Liotta's exposed brain from his role in the Hannibal movie out of my head whenever I see him, and considering he does have a few good movies under his belt, the Rogen actor has his hands fool and totally blows his chances with Anna Faris when he lets the rage of jealousy get the best of him.

Anna has some close-ups in this film and she manages to pull off the sexy funny girl. There's more to clear skin and voluptuous bods when it comes to drooling over an actress, and it seems Anna is selecting her roles carefully so that her best side shines for the camera. Personality is the new hot.

Just as the mallrats can't get out of their head the vision of a pervert in a raincoat exposing himself to them, I couldn't help thinking of the DVD I saw yesterday, The reader. Guards who follow orders seems to be the topic of the ninesy's. Whether it be security guards or concentration camp guards, the transition of having watched two films with completely opposing viewpoints back to back, then seeing a photo in the Times of some guy named Demjamjuk, really got me thinking about what the similarities linking all three subjects could possibly be. Well, if you look carefully at the illustration of the photo from the Times, the guy who slightly resembles our prez seems to be positioned just about where the gasping for air dude might have an erection. The film Observer & report is all about dicks as the flasher dude does the best job of running through a shopping mall in full view of the extras stationed everywhere in front of store fronts, with nothing more than sneakers and a trenchcoat waving in the air like a cape. And finally, in The reader, it is the life of a destroyed man who can't quite come to terms with his reality of having entered an affair "head" first.

I enjoyed watching these two flicks. It didn't matter that one pokes fun at the other's tragically serious subject. What I can't get over is my manner of going out for a bite to eat, picking up some thongs, for my feet, and rushing to the theater for the film before it starts; then, afterwards, making my way back to the parking lot without even a second glance at all the beautiful people who do their thang at places like Hollywood & Highland. If that kind of behavior isn't robotic and brainwashy, then I would hate to think how and why the rumors of the state of Texas wanting to secede from the union is being met with discontent and opposition when, normally, if one expresses their displeasure over a country to a person who happens to be a patriotic countryman, the countryman responds to the hurtful remarks by saying "You're more than welcome to leave my wonderful country, sir."

screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

What kind of monster have I become?


It just dawned on me that I have not been considering how other people feel. I really only made the adjustments of accepting that everybody hurts. I mean, life has it's ups and downs for everybody and just because people are capable of counting their losses and moving on, and I refuse to do that, it doesn't mean that those people are honky dorey whatever they may be doing. If they married, their marriage could be on the rocks, if they're clubbing, they may be realizing their need for a higher ecstasy. Or, maybe people take drugs and/or drink to the point that their jobs are on the line. Life is hell, and compared to these scenarios, I guess my troubles are petty. In a nutshell, I have realized that I have become my worst nightmare. Imagine somebody you absolutely hate from your past and all of a sudden he/she tries to get back in you life. All you can think of when you think of that annoying person is Collapse )

I'm riddled with guilt over either not recognizing somebody from my past, and/or imagining having seen her in somebody who only resembled her. But that's not all I'm so down on myself about. I'm angry at myself becuz I let her lead me on a leash, and when she dumped me, I swore to myself I would get her back. Well, now she's married with kids and I wouldn't want anything to do with her, and I'm angry at myself for that too. I could give a crap about her now. Around the same time all this went down, I found myself in a scuffle with somebody who I guarantee you if I saw again, I would break his neck. So, there you have it. Out of curiosity about my obsession with this one girl (whether I didn't recognize her one day, or whether I imagined her in somebody else), I am finally understanding that she must feel about me the way I feel about the assholes I've met up against way back when. And that I would like nothing more than to destroy him. What irony.