May 2nd, 2009

screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

Status on the drawing board

I haven't been posting my cartoons to lj because, quite frankly, I haven't
been drawing them. Too busy psyching myself out to find a good song to
learn on my guitar. It's nerve racking, when I come up w/ some ideas, but
I've convinced myself that my ideas for editorial cartoons, while they may
seem good at the time they are envisioned, I know already I suck at
drawing and putting them all together with caption in place.

Meanwhile, it seems I managed to avoid the paperwork for the traffic
accident a few days ago by husling the driver at fault a measly $250. Oh
well. I guess if I were driving a BMW or a Mercedes Benz I could get away
with more, but then the estimates too would've been made out for twice as
much as I was quoted for straightening out my bumper.

Money's money. At least I got an "I'm sorry" from the dude that hit me.
Sometimes, those things are worth more than cash.

I'm trying out this post by e-mail feature. I couldn't figure it out
before because I was trying to post entries to my blog via my cell phone
by txt message. That, I have yet to figure out. Theoretically, I should be
able to post pictures captured on my cell phone to my blog. One day I'll learn
that. Baby steps. Baby steps.
screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

Call for submissions

Yes, it's awkward. But if everyone else is doing it, so can I. I'm seeking submissions for my next ¶news zine. The theme will be "Christ toked doobies" You can either post your request to be included in my zine as a reply here (less that 500 words), or send e-mail, as is listed in my contact info. I don't pay money for your hard work, but I do give full mention linking to your home page. Be sure to include your information, like:


Life is hard and I understand how hard it must be for struggling writers. So, if I like your stuff and actually use it, I will send you a hard copy. For that, however, I will need your mailing address.