May 6th, 2009

Ana Garcia

Huff TV: Arianna Testifies About The Future Of Journalism Before Senate Subcommittee On Communicatio

This morning I was certain I would wake up an around seven or eight and run a lap on the treadmill. I mean, I got myself up to brush my teeth and stuff, but I crawled back under the warm blankets afterward. I tell myself that I'll do the lap when I get home from work, but all I do is watch TV, and today being thursday, all I do is channel surf until The office, 30 rock come on. I think I'll watch this cspan crap when I'm able to fire up the real computer. I'm stuck here at work sitting next to a motor mouth, and my co-working, who's helping customers at the check out counter.

Huff TV: Arianna Testifies About The Future Of Journalism Before Senate Subcommittee On Communications

Like any good news story, let me start with the headline. Journalism will not only survive, it will thrive, but the discussion needs to move from 'how do we save newspapers' to 'how to we save and strengthen journalism' however it's delivered. Despite all the dire news about the state of the newspaper industry, we are actually in the middle of the golden age for news consumers who can surf the net, use search engines, access the best news stories from around the world and be able to comment, interact and form communities. Journalism plays an indispensable role in our democracy, but it's important to remember that the future of journalism is not dependent on the future of newspapers.
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And this is the second video containing Arianna's testimony during the interview with John Kerry.

Ms. Huffington, you've been perhaps the most single successfull person on the internet in terms of presenting an entirely new product in almost newspaper form which has become it's own destination sight. Share with us, first of all, how many people put that together at this point? How many people on staff are working would you say part of your…

Right now, the Huffington Post employs sixty people and the investigative fund that we launched last month will employ ten full time people, and then hundreds of freelancers who'll be assigned specific stories. But following on Mr Mayer's point, first of all, there are already laws in place, Mr. Chairman. Fair use laws. So, now aggregator can actually actually just take a story. They have to take a small part of the story to give it taste to the consumer of what the story's about, but to have to read the full story, they would have to go to the content creator, and monetizing that is really the future.

As a video producer, as also many networks have done, cable companies have done, through these embedable players where they put advertising, they put links to other stories on their network on their cable company.
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the only mascot we had is on the endangered fish list

It's just like a freaking librarian to be so insensitive, and why I don't like traveling during my vacations, that she would leave her pet tetra under the hands of an incompetent oaf. According to Jude, the cloudy water caused by an excess of uneaten food was the result of the fishy's mother concerned about her beloved fighter fish starving to death. Not only that, but after I suggested that the water be changed for clean water, Jude responded with "No! Don't touch it. You're going to kill it AND I'm the one who was left responsible". Screw you, you cute little fish. You're better off dead if your mother left you in the care of an obnoxious fish hater who's only interest is that "if they fish dies because of food poisoning, oh well…"

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