September 23rd, 2009

heaven et hell

It's time for a novel update of...

The life and times of I.F. Stone

You know those web sites that impel the common web surfer to register to view stuff; and the way many of the web sites peeps register for ask for information that describes who you are? Some of them ask things like "favorite quote", and whenever I see that, I am at a lost of all the quotes I've heard or read. This book I'm reading is filled with so much good stuff I wish I could just vegitate on it without any worries of speeding my way thru the book.
True, Belfrage's case is more difficult; he neither confessed, recanted or informed. But the difference clarifies the real issue which must be found if freedom of the press is to be preserved. Congress, under the First Amendment, may make no law abridging freedom of the press... The crucial question is whether a Congressional committee can do by indirection under the guise of investigation what it clearly could not do directly.
       -I.F. Stone Weekly 9 May & 30 May 1953
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