October 3rd, 2009


Dismantling the way traditional video was made

I know things are done differently now that computers have the ability to make video, but just as some people may still prefer a typewriter over a computer, there may also be filmmakers who prefer to film their footage on acrylic. I found a short demonstration about sound manipulation and thought it was right down my alley when I rant about how bad movies from the 1970s used to use popular songs with their lyrics to pretty much explain the motives of characters in a montage. I call this down and dirty technique of subliminal suggestions as deus-x-machina because montages with background music almost never have a justification for it, like a car stereo, an iPod, or a loud neighbor; but if their is some explanation in the film for the background music, it's usually never adequately described.

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The feed weeding process

If I've noticed anything at all in my obsessive behavioral blogging process, it is that popular items are shared in discovery by all the main bloggers. It also depends on the subject matter, and it goes without saying that some things just don't make the interest list each and every blog dedicates itself to writing about. I suppose that blogging etiquette dictates that ganking something of interest from one blog for your own should morally include credit for the domain in which one finds stuff. And so it goes, if it wasn't for boingboing's Xeni Jardin's entry back in September, I probably would not have discovered that there existed a movie called Rage; plus! don't you just love it when you discover that such a talented person behind the creation of officially released films has their own blog? I can't help thinking that some of that talent might rub off on me if I read their entries.

In some ways, I already feel like I must be doing something right. Rage is supposed to have a big scene in my screenplay. I just don't know yet how to approach such deeply embedded emotion when jotting it down on paper. Don't get your hopes up too high, however, Rage doesn't seem like it will likely see a theatrical premier anytime soon. It might be one of those straight to video productions. But, to fill your time while somebody somewhere gets around to uploading this reputed dud to watch-movies dot net, maybe you haven't see shorts like Computer Girl yet. At least Computer Girl is readily available at the cost of the time it takes to downlaod it.