July 22nd, 2010


background imagery; what surfing the net is really like. If this doesn't clear off my drafting table

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ELMER FUDD walks toward the entrance of the old abandoned warehouse. Gathered near the entrance are members of the Peanuts Gang. LINUS holds the leashes which restrain two rabid dogs, SNOOPY and SPIKE, for his homey CHARLIE BROWN. As it becomes clear to Charlie Brown that the guests and participants are arriving, they begin to make their way into the warehouse.
Bets are being placed among drinking and smoking observers to the dog fight about to take place. Commotion and chaos ensue as money is waved in the air and handed over to bookies. Charlie brown conservatively converses with his partner in crime, Linus. Elmer Fudd approaches Charlie Brown.
It's a honow to meet you, Chawley Bwown.
You ain't never killed a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine.
Charlie turns his back to Elmer and continues talking with Linus. Linus makes a remark and hands over Charlie Brown's dogs as he spots an acquaintance just arriving from the other end of the room.
I see Sinbad the sailor, Charlie Brown. Shall I call him over to your corner?
Suddenly at the entrance of the warehouse building YOSEMITE SAM wanders in, leash in hand. The leash at first droops and disappears from behind the wall, but as Yosemite enters further into the building, the leash appears to be long. It rises slowly the more Yosemite enters, exposing more leash from behind the wall. It isn't until the leash exceeds Yosemites own height by 10 times his size that remarks are heard from within that he brought a giraffe to a dog fight. When CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG appears, SNOOPY drops dead of a heart attack. SPIKE is too stoned to know what it all means.
It's going to be a blood bath.

Was that the theme of my story? Next: set-up, then catalyst

I think the theme can be the short cartoon that might be seen in the background while emploees/journalists go about there biz. Considering there's always a pesky fly around during the entire movie, even in the love scenes, I suppose cleanliness is manliness. Is that how the idiom goes? I'm moving on to "catalyst". So, 6 things the main character can change about himself is... to be continued.
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