October 7th, 2010


L.A.Times: Congress considers shushing loud TV ads

From the Los Angeles Times:

"a ban on those lame promos for other shows that pop up on the corner of your screen and jump around while you watch something else."

Congress considers shushing loud TV ads

Our political leaders clearly have bigger fish to fry than whether your TV yells at you during commercial breaks.

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The buddy system

Librarians who do school visits love to take a healthy supply of applications with them in the hopes of convincing new people to apply for a library card. So, i would make the suggestion that the librarian who is so chummy with the clerk "homey" to use the copies of applications which the clerk took initiative to run on used, otherwise recyclable, paper.

Now patrons can flip the page over and wonder what kind of legalese they are agreeing to by signing their application. This after having indicating some FYI jibber-jabber over how copies from the copy machine are logged by a counter in the machines mechanism; so the copier service continues to charge the library for paper the log counter shows as a single sheet per copy.