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Sat, Nov. 6th, 2010 | 01:55 pm  ⅊ 28 slavezombie

The final frontier
Did you see my most recent illustration? Upon reflection, I'm concerned. I wasn't stoned or high while I drew the picture in the entry When it reigns, it... freaking typos. I was letting my left hand brainstorm an idea. It was getting close to two weeks since I'd uploaded any pictures, or drawn anything for that matter, and I just thought ol' lefty might come thru with a fantastic concept. Anyhow, at a quick glance it reminds me of space, not a rainstorm. read lyrics to Iron Maiden's SATELLITE 15Collapse )

I was actually watching TV while I drew that crazy cartoon--Catching up on my sitcoms, series, dancing with the stars and what-not--so I have to discipline myself to concentrate on my cartoons in future. I think I'll dwell in the lyrics to this new CD I got and see what happens.

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