November 9th, 2010



This is a protest in front of the Central Library which took place Monday, 1 Nov 2010. I bet you're wondering what all these people are protesting about. Well, the truth of the matter is, it goes way back to the days when Playboy magazine was still a legitimate publication that the library deemed worthy to keep in its collections. As it turns out, the porn industry has retaliated against the library system since its porn magazine have been banned.

Back when librarians were mostly male, the concerned parents in the neighborhood petitioned and protested for the obscene rag to be taken off the budget expenditures, with little regard to the interesting articles that some people read, I might add. Computers, however, have put the porn industry back on top of the popularity charts. Pornography is not only easier for minors to access, it is by far more hard core. If those people who got involved in practically censoring a magazine for it's photo exploitations, I think they would've put a little more thought into their cause so that the Internet would not've allowed smut to resurface and bitch slap them for ignoring the concept of extreme right viewpoints in news articles.


I love my Holga twin lens camera

This is a end of OK Manufacturing, a company specializing in window panes. They've gone out of business. Their sign got cropped off of the picture, not because I must be crossed-eyed and/or a really bad photographer, but because I wanted to get a good exposure of the fire escape in the apartment building next door. Can you see the barbed wire on the balcony closest to the ground (2nd floor)? What a neighborhood I live in.

hobo kelly

A lonely tree

evergreenI pass this tree infrequently, but when I do I'm reminded of my youth, when I was just 3 ft. and some inches tall. Those were the days when I went to school at Logan Elementary. This tree had a brother and they were half the size this picture is showing the tree today before some really smart person tried to prune one of them and completely distroyed it. I guess out of ugliness, it was decided that the tree should be taken down. It didn't seem it was going to grow back the branches that the gardener had hacked away. It lasted for quite some time that way before it eventually met its fate. This tree gives a considerable amount of relief from the sun during those hot summer days. I wouldn't know, of course, because I don't live in the houses behind it. But I would imagine that sitting outside in the yard during those hot summer's eves would be refreshing from the shadow this tall tree casts on the yard.

Back in the 70's I thought it was tall when it was just reaching the electrical wires. Now look at it.

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Funky dreams

Why did I haves dream last night about receiving x-mas postcard from Sally & Foster? Even when I had been receiving greeting cards from them, I didn't know them (case of mistaken ID). Then, when they realized I wasn't who they thought I was, the cards abruptly stopped. To be dreaming that they've begun to send them again would fall under failed database. Foobar.

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