December 1st, 2010

hobo kelly

Commercial art

Who'd a thunk that the invention of TiVo wouldve prompted crazy ads like the 3 minute refresher for Sons of anarchy? I still haven't seen a single episode of the new season because I decided I was tired of being left hanging at the end of the hour long program only to find myself anxious to know what happens the following week; hence the idea to record the entire season and watch them all at once, or at least at my leisure. I forgot to set the number of shows to keep at unlimited, but somehow it had a setting of 'keep ten shows'. Since I've been busy with Hell's kitchen and Dancing with the stars, which BTW happened to score number one on the nielson ratings, I hadn't noticed that after each episode my TiVo recorded, there followed a 3 minute refresher short. Who does that?! Now I have to figure out which shows got mistakenly deleted as a result of my TiVo thinking it had recorded 10 full episodes.

That's like browsing channels on TiVo and seeing that eyesore of a row, between HBO channel 501 and HBO channel 502, which has got a an ad for a pay-per-view movie. I know that channel surfing is one of America's favorite passtimes, but I don't understand why nobody has criticized this sneaky campaign move on the art of DirecTV. After all, that's the same kind of treatment viewer are subjected to when they are watching a show only to be interrupted by an animated figure at the bottom of the screen plugging some other series while your program is still running. I can still remember the good ol' days when buying a pay per view movie meant having it on your TiVo indefinately, until it was manually deleted.

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Kitchen counter

Not too long ago, the boss held a staff meeting in which he declared it was beyond his authority to justify staff due for paying for such items as dishwashing detergent. X-mas party is coming up and each branch is expected to contribute a center piece item. He went to pick up something worth $20. Today he haggled his staff to cough up $2.50 because that's what the math comes out to when he divides nu
Ber of employees by 20

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What's wrong with agua?

http;// is stuck in two entires right now. The problem is probably as simple as refreshing the browser, but for a minute I was thinking lj went down and nobody could write a comment.

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San Francisco

A long, long time ago--so long that you might even say, once upon a time--I knew a girl who loved everything San Francisco. I had never been to San Francisco, so I didn't really know what her fascination with it was, but I knew one thing. She loved the way the houses lined up against each other side by side. As for myself, I didn't like them. All my life, I've only known what it is like to live in a house house. The kind of houses with pointy rooftops and lawns.

So now that enough time has passed renting my living quarters, I'm thinking of buying my house. For some odd reason, the idea of living in a loft intrigues me. Loft living, however, seems so much like apartment living in that your neighbors are to the left and to the right of your own little space. I've been rolling that analogy around in my head until I realized that those houses in San Francisco aren't very different either. My main concern is the noise and the rustling of visitors to neighbor's houses. I've never lived in an apartment complex so that kind of thing seems awkward.

And where I was going with this entry, I have no idea other than to say San Francisco houses seem very very nice indeed.