December 16th, 2010

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Why Holga, and not Diane?

I took these pictures last week. They are the first few exposure I took using the vignette feature on the Holga camera. Currently, I'm snapping pix using 35mm film. I don't know how I'll scan those in to include the tracks on the tops and bottoms of the negative. Right now, I'm just concerning myself on how I'll go about rewinding the spool back in once I'm done with all 24 exposures.

Katie praised this shot, which is why I'm including it above the cut. I had a taste of the loft hunting bug and went in search for the brick lofts in downtown

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A pine cone love story

shingleback lizardI've been thinking of this video since I stumbled onto it several months ago. It's about a lizard specie, if you can call it that, who's natural habitat is south Australia. They call it the sleepy lizard, but it's truer name ranges from shingleback to blue tongue. California has a similar reptile with the same stumpy kind of tail, except it's scaly body resembles a cob of corn more than shingles IMO. I don't know about the Shingleback being poisonous, but the Gilla Monster from southern California deserts is definitely venemous. Here's the direct link to the original website harboring the embedded video link above.

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