June 4th, 2011

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dropped D

Everyone who listens to heavy metal might already know what a dropped D refers to in guitars. If I have this right, The first string, or the thick string which plays the low notes, is tuned to the key of D instead of E. So, that makes your open strings in this formation D-A-D-G-B-E instead of the normal way guitars are usually tuned (E-A-D-G-B-E).

Since I got my guitar, I've been so anxious to teach myself how to play, I never got around to tuning that string to a D. Thanks to the mobile app PocketGuitar, I can now fiddle with learning scales on guitared tuned with a dropped D. Hurrah!

As a matter of fact, I think I might be able to get used to scrutinizing the fret board during my breaks at work. Something I would really like to understand about guitars and sheet music is chord symbols. I know the basic logic behind guitar chord symbols in sheet music. It is the chord which is played at the point where it's indicated. Duh. But I really want to understand this backwards, forwards, inside-out and outside-in. Perhaps being able to strum a chord while I'm at work will help me to better grasp the way sheet music is interpretted from a guitarists perspective.

This link http://groups.google.com/group/pocketguitar/browse_thread/thread/41b0da9c3cf3f504 is a google group for iphone/ipod Touch people who've downloaded PocketGuitar. It's focused on the progressive improvement of learning to play.

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Glendale galleria

I remember when the Glendale galleria was first built and it was the best place to shop. There were plenty of girls to watch, plenty of stores to enter, etc. My first traumatic experience at the mall was when a group of friends were dropped off at the Eagle Rock plaza to watch a movie. After the movie was over, we didn't have a ride back so it was decided to walk all the way to the Galleria where my Dad was supposed to meet us. It was traumatic, I guess, because it was my friend who spoke to my Pop on a payphone at the Eagle Rock mall. So stupid. Since this story is a long one I'll cut it short. It made me feel like there was no communication between me and my old man.

Now I here the galleria will one day bd abolished
Another trauma there was when I was a little older and was caught ditching school with a couple friends. Dad came to pick me up. Heh, there was no confusion about my whereabouts that time. Just ask information at the mall where the security offices are located.
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Upgrading cell phone soon. Window (ad) shopping

Currently, I am on the market for a new cellphone

My current phone, a Katana, has a black blemish in the shape of a line on the screen which makes reading text messages challenging at times. I had upgraded this phone to a Remarq, and don't get me wrong, I like the kwerky board feature for texting (if you know what I'm trying to say with my faulty spelling of quirky). But when I lost that phone and immediately activated one of the old phones I still had, I decided not to re-activate after it turned up under the passenger seat of a friend's car.

The new HTC phones, Evo and Epic, seem very enticing. I like the idea of hotspot sharing and if I ever go with a smart phone, that is the direction I plan to take. As you may already know, I had invested in an iPod Touch's ZTE Peel which Sprint offers at $30 per month, contract free. I stopped that account when I went over my data slightly. That's another appealing factor about smart phone. Unlimited data at less than what the ZTE Peel costs. And, some of the smart phones, namely the Epic, can share a connection with up to five devices.

I've had time to dwell over all the new fancy smart phone on the market and came to the conclusion that when my upgrade bonus comes around, I would definitely choose the Epic. Several weeks have passed since I've made that decision, but my upgrade bonus doesn't kick in until August.

Yesterday I decided to do some research on phones that emit the least amount of radiation, and guess what? It so happens that the Katana was rated as one of those phones. After some consideration, I thought it would be silly to invest in a smart phone when I'm really an iPhone man. I should just wait and see whether Sprint ever manages to incorporate an iPhone into their services. Or whether Apple comes out with a universal iPhone that can function with any cell phone provider. Meanwhile, as I patiently wait for this miracle to occur, I would upgrade my old Katana with regular flip cell phone, like Sanyo's Takoma, or is it Tahoma. I forget. But anyways, my ZTE Peel just sits in the closet waiting for re-activation whenever I decide I need a surplus Internet connection in addition to what I've been using at the library, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.

Since I've been trying to ween myself off of surfing the web so much, I think I will go in this different direction now, as opposed to upgrading with a smart phone Epic. Honestly, I don't like the idea of adapting to all the new apps which I would then need to get used to in contrast to the apps I have currently running on my iPod touch. But the real decision maker is this, the fact that radio frequencies still are questionable concerning cancer. The LA Times published this article by Shari Roan and Ellen Gabler on June 1, 2011: Cellphone-cancer link bolstered

World Health Organization: limited

Samet: What we have here is a warning from a public health point of view,.. We have half the world's population already using cellphones, and people are using them younger and longer. We clearly need to keep track of this.

Daivd A. Savitz: I find the conclusions surprising given that there is increasingly strong evidence that cellphone use has no association with brain cancer occurrence. With few exceptions, the studies directly addressing the issue indicate the lack of association.

Joel M. Moskowitz: This is a major scientific consensus conference that has basically implicated cell phone radiation with increased tumor risk,.. I think they are particularly concerned about cellhpones just because of the widespread utilization. It's not like it's some esoteric chemical used by industry that they think may be carcinogenic. Everyone is exposed to cellphones.

Pro wireless industry lobbyists: possibly carcinogenic?

John Walls, vice president for CTIA-the Wireless Assn.: Coffee and pickled vegetables are also listed as possibly carinogenic,.. This is not ground breaking. It is a review of what already existed,.. It's not the revelation that some would like to make it out to be.
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