September 12th, 2011

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11th September, 2011 © blanket sin – "PLACEMENT WREATH"

Two sailors place a wreath. There was another pair of sailors (female) placing a wreath on the left side of the memorial plaque, but the camera could fit them in because I was too close. It was a touching moment to watch them march up.

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11th September, 2011 © blanket sin – "WREATH"

In this picture you can barely make out the other pair of sailors placing a wreath. They held this position until the salute and bugle played taps. I think it's called taps, when commemorating the dead.

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11th September, 2011 © blanket sin – "MEMORIAL PLACK"

Here's Mike walking in front of the picture of the structure built to commemorate the fallen. He fun to ride with and I regret not having hooked up with him for this ride to point Mugu, because then I wouldn't have forgotten to gas up before the group ride to Puniversityuniversity.

There's more pix behind the cut. Collapse )

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Boundaries. That's what I think of all day.

12th September, 2011 © blanket sin – "IMAG0051"

At the start of each month, I have this big botter size calendar that contains also a small version of the preceding and succeeding month above the current month. I use that to tape onto the counter at work where we interface with the public. I don't really use this calendar for anything else.

So after I clipped out the month of September on this page, it became useless to me. Even though we're in the habit of recycling used sheets of paper to cut down to p-slip size, this calendar is so awkwardly shaped (I think it's 17x14"), that I would have to cut it down to 8x11" before I used it to cut out more p-slips.

As you can see by the doodling, I left it on the counter top instead of throwing it out. I won't go into each scribble mark other than to say that I used red and blue ink only. If you see black, it is because I took a yellow hi-liter and combined blue, red and yellow (primary colors which, when combined, create black). I wanted to use the boxed borders to draw cartoons, but it gets too busy at the library to worry about that kind of stuff. I just love wasting tax-payer ink.

If you shrink this picture, it kinda looks like the Sunday funnies.

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Voicing my thoughts into a livejournal entry. like being an executive with my iwn secretary.

okay so here I am making a blog entry from the a new cellphone. I've already experimented with using the keypad; you know the virtual keypad, um, as well as Swype. It's pretty, om, self explanatory. Now, what I'm using is the microphone which allows me to speak my entries.

oh yeaaah, baby, this is wonderful.

I went through all the trouble of looking up youtube videos on how to hook up my htc evil android phone to a Mac using Bluetooth connection. That way I could type my entries on to my laptop, keep a backup copy in the hard drive, and then merge that into the cell phone which has internet access which I would use, in turn, to upload into livejournal.

I've always been a shy person and I don't like my own voice basically cuz im not used to hearing it. um, I guess when I speak to other people, I'm not really listening to myself, which gets me into a lot of trouble, but I'm reading the reactions on the person whom I'm talking to's face .
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Rock stars share thoughts from 9/11 on blabbermouth dot com

Tom Araya (SLAYER): "I was at home in L.A. when I first found out what was happening. On September 10th the band had done a midnight in-store signing in El Toro, Calif. for the 9/11 release of our 'God Hates Us All' album. We got home around 4 a.m. from that. I was asleep when Sandra, my wife, was awakened by a phone call that suggested we turn on the television. We then found ourselves watching the first tower on fire and I remember asking Sandra, 'What is this?' We saw the plane hit the second tower and it took a while for everything to register. We were supposed to fly out that day to start a European tour. The whole time we were watching what was unfolding before our eyes I was thinking to myself, 'We ain't flying anywhere for a while!'" (via AOL's Noisecreep)
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