October 30th, 2011

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London Bridge Resort

When I googled this place, I so wanted to check out the night scene at Kimono.

Unfortunately, my data signal was either not working, or I was too busy enjoying the view. The location address at the top of these entries are not accurate as I've already returned to LA.


One thing I want to emphasize about this quickie weekend vacation is the stars. I saw a shooting star last night and also learned where the north star is, where the cluster of"the 7 sisters"is, a.k.a. plaeidis (spelling iffy), and where the milky way can be seen. It was definitely a night to remember.

hobo kelly

Lunch time at pirates cove

Here with me is John Henry and Bea. Again, the data signal for sprint was down so the location link at the top of this entry is off. This is where I got to know Fridge's wife, Susie, a little better. I don't think I have any pictures of her but if I find some online, I'll post then here.

She is lovely. A character, for sure. 100% German, I couldn't stop listening to the things she said, nor staring as she reminded me of Justine Bateman from the old sitcom "Family ties" with Jason Bateman, her brother.

The stuff she talked about always seemed to fascinate my curiosity about the German language. John also said some impressive things when topics ranged from traveling and airport security to the way his lighter, a gift he received from Sonny Barger, was nearly confiscated.