November 11th, 2011


More headbangers and customer service reps with a lax perspective please.

It's been said that music is the universal language. At least this is something I've heard before and taken to heart. Then I discovered heavy metal and I've never looked back. If there's one thing about the music I enjoy listening to that is difficult to embrace, it's the perspective of exclusivity. In other words, if you don't like heavy metal, then you're not my friend.

I'm going on three months now without a TV signal since I've canceled my Direct TV service. It's been a little longer since I've canceled my DSL. Out of curiosity, I called time Warner and asked some questions about their Internet service, but the first representative simply wasn't interested in listening to me. I feel like such a caveman when this happens because I'm in customer service too, and when I cannot seem to get thru to people in answering their questions, I can't help but assume they are from a primordial evolutionary hiccup.

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The lame game

I guess it's pretty lame of me wishing I could remember to check in at all the places I happen to go (petco, pollo loco, movies, etc.) Because if I am somewhere I can check in at, and I'm having too much fun to even think about grabbing my phone to figure out how to go about it, I start wondering how other people find the time. There have been a few locales where I would've liked to make public my solicitude, Mohawk bend, for one, when I tried that pumpkin flavor craft beer and paid for it in other ways all night long. Or, Tavern on Brand, when I somehow managed to strike up a conversation with the protestant, sitting in the next stool, about religion. What could I have been thinking when I was drinking that god awful beer that I couldn't have put it aside to use the fun Internet feature on my phone? I've always liked using the Internet at home, when I had DSL. Or, what about the lad at the bar in Glendale who overheard me ask Rachel for her number and felt the need to blurt "awkward". I'll never go back there again.

The answer is, I don't know how to use my freaking phone. I've only had it for a couple months. I must make a mental note that checking into places doesn't have to be done on Yelp. Although Yelp is cool, Facebook seems to have an easier app for such tasks. In Yelp, I must start the mobile app, search for the place I'm hanging out at, then press the 'check-in' button and follow thru to make sure it worked. I might even be prompted to write a little something.

A widget I already have open in my desktop will pinpoint my location so that all I have to do is rabble on about what a good time (or not) I'm having there. Easy. I'll try to remember that for tomorrow.