November 24th, 2011

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The day after tomorrow

After hooking up the new Blu-Ray, I press the button on remote that says display. The TV returns information about my settings, one of which is 480i. I know my TV is capable of 1080i and would love to know the secret behind hooking the disc player so that I know I'm watching my Blu-Rays at their ultimate potential.

I rented a couple movies. One was the day after tomorrow, because I can't get over the idea that I can't find the news reporter played by Ana Garcia. Usually, when a news reporter has a cameo in a movie, they are credited a playing themself (i.e. The description/name of the character they play is simply described as self). This is a major thing in my life as I sometimes see myself as an investigator of sorts.

I found some old footage of Ana from when she was reporting out of ABC news. I'm sorry, but I cannot see the resemblance to the character who mostly looks like it could be her in Day after. It's one of the first things I thought to do, watch that film in hi-def, because after seeing it on DVD years ago, I passively discarded the issue as a video quality problem.

I did everything I know to hook up the Blu-Ray to the freaking TV, but the display info still indicates my disc is playing in 480. That sucks, is all I can say. As far as She on TV4, I'll believe it when I see it in my full view. She is somebody I knew.


Note the hair line and the side of her head which Silverman parts it

Since my obsession with the six o'clock news back in 2005-2011 ended with the replacement of chuck Henry's Co-anchor, I've uncovered the perfect parody of the nbc4 news. Laura Silverman sports a similar hairdo as Ana Garcia with the exception of the side of her head she parts her hair on, but if you read my previous entry with the links to old news report footage, you will notice Ana once parted her hair on the same side a well. Left.