January 13th, 2012

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TOUCAN1This is the picture I drew at http://labs.systemone.at/retrievr/, which is supposed to be an images search engine much like http://tineye.com In case you don't know what it's supposed to be, it's a toucan.

<-- And this is one of the more interesting flickr results that retrievr found. BINIKI3
This is the other interesting picture the bot spider found. This all started by my attempt to find some cool picture concepts to use to paint my Holga camera. I tried drawing with bright contrasty colors. You know that illusion of depth of field from reading blue text off a black screen and suddenly one or two sentences appear in bright red. I just think it would be cool to hold up a camera and have people stare at it transfixed at the colors while I take their mug shot.

screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

Things to do

Of all days to go out in search for that mythical black cat to cross paths with, this has to be the day.

The writers room
6685 Hlwd

L.A.'s Supper club
6675 Hlwd Bl

Birds (maybe a.k.a. Rotisserie)
5925 Franklin ave

6356 Hlwd Bl

Sayers club
1645 Wilcox

Roger room
370 n la Cienaga

The spare room
7000 Hlwd Bl

The varnish
118 e 6th st

I don't know if I'm going to be in a mood to celebrate Friday the 13. I just don't feel like searching for parking in Hollywood today.
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Critical perspective on cable service

I've noticed that the service department at the eight hundred numbers for large conglomerates, regardless of where the call usually ends up, in the U.S. Or abroad, us horrible. I've become so fed up with it, after having my share of tolerance trying to trouble shoot services with the now defunct at&t worldnet, I no longer have a need for a LAN line, cable TV, DSL, and soon, at the rate this is going, electricity and gas.

There is a place I pass on my way home with a banner sign announcing a need for new employees in the area of cable hook up. I can visualize the business structure now. On one side we have the bygone days of astrologers and/or engineers who work in the technical aspect of digital signals, then there is the customer service/sales dept. Finally there's the on location technicians who come to your home to drill hikes in your wahl and rooftops for satellite dish installations, or cable lines from telephone poles. Nine of these factions get along with one another.

The worse part, I think, is being dependent on these truly simple installation that anybody can accomplish with a but of care. I'm still in the market for TV antennas and a DVR. I looked into Tivo for a bit there and it seems that the premier model requires a monthly charge too. I'm done with the monthly biking system. All I want is my sports to be in 720p. I think for that to happen I need a DVR. Plus, it would be nice to be able to record my shows again. I like being able to pause every once in awhile. Because I have no will power whatsoever when it comes to watching TV, I kind of like the situation I am in right now. If nothing is playing on channel 2, 4 or 9, then there's really no need to try to channel surf further. I don't get anymore channels. It would be nice to have a decent antenna, but if I rush in doing that now, then the Mildred cage project will suffer, the vanilla re-install project will suffer. I just have better things to do right now, and I feel liberated now that I'm not on a virtual dog leash being led by my Mitsubishi big screen TV.

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