February 2nd, 2012

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Jfc! I just lost the text for my email to Petra

And I freaking typed it on my phone. It's always doubly frustrating when I type anything on my phones touch pad, even if I am using swype. When files started crashing without the courtesy of at least storing a backup of the last time I saved it, that's when it's time to re-evaluate the software that caused the problem. Freaking ay!

I have aol's mobile email software to thank this time. I've been stuck for content and had a draft saved in the draft folder for editing later. Last night I felt like I had enough yack in me to tweak my letter and send it on it's merry fucking way. Then I get a message about something, idunno what. Next thing I know, my phone is asking me if I want to send an error report or force quit. I go to drafts, empty. Igoto sent, empty. I goto every freaking folder to try to hunt down any possibility that I can find my text and back it up on a manual typewriter, but there isn't a smidgen of it even in the trash. This electronic age blows.
screenwriter, Kightlinger, hate

Tree trimming

2nd February, 2012 © blanket sin – "Tree trimming"

Today is my late shift at work. It seems my metabolism is back to normal. But I don't have much of an appetite for my normal routine. I have to pick up some via, so I've been breakfasting with tea. I had a bowl of cereal instead. I sprinkled blackberries on top and they tasted grrrreat! I don't know what flavor special K I'm eating. It tastes of honey and nuts, too sweet if you ask me. The blackberries neutralizes the sugar.

Since my work day starts at 11:40, I only get a dinner break. Since the work environment here is very casual, I'm not stuck with taking my dinner at 4 or 5. The rules governing us clerical folk is we must have worked at least one hour before a break can be taken. I went to McDonalds at about 2:30. You can call it a lunner, since I won't be eating again until I get out of here, but I'm marking this down as a late lunch. If I'm hungry at 8:30, I'll make a sandwich or just have another bowl of cereal and yummy blackberries.

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2nd February, 2012 © blanket sin – "Blotter"

It is getting to be that time again. Time to change the blotter sheet on my desk. I already turned the sheet upside down a while ago. There's nothing as interesting on the back that's more eye candyish than this. I started brushing up on my calligraphy in case I make an attempt to write down the names of children on their brand new replacement card. I know I shouldn't because it's too time consuming. I have get into the habit of asking them whether or not they would like their name printed on a label on their card… so that they don't get their new card mixed up with their lost library card if the lost card turns up down the line.

I got a balling out this week after the boss received a call from somebody's parent complaining that I treated their kid rudely when the little urchin visited the library on a class fields trip. I said only what I would say to any young adult under the circumstances. You cannot use your parents' library card unless they've officially authorized you as a user. And, the account has a $17 balance anyway, so even if your mom was here, she wouldn't be able to use the card until she paid the fines. Then my boss is bringing up incidents from the past in which patrons complain about my manner. SOB! That was several months ago and since then there's been some adjustments made on the way my coworkers passively show patrons special treatment (in an effort to get on their good side, no doubt). I'm not talking about favors. This is about rules. I'm expected to enforce rules and explain rules to patrons. So why am I the only one doing this? In the most recent staff meeting, the boss instructs everybody that the book detection alarm must be treated seriously, and a simple wave of the hand to a patron who sets it off while leaving to continue on their way, as if the clerk is aware of a mistake they've committed in forgetting to deactivate the alarm on the books, is unacceptable.

Blah. I said a mouth full.

Then, one day, a librarian sees that a line has built up, so she lends a helping hand by taking a few patrons and checking out their books. What happens? The alarm goes off. What does she do? She tells the patron "Oh, it's okay. Go ahead." Instead of calling that patron back and deactivating the alarm for their books like I believe I'm expected to do.