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Sat, Mar. 17th, 2012 | 11:35 am  slavezombie

The satellite
The drummer for the Pogues is calling out to me to attend his concert tonight in Silver Lake. I'm kinda reluctant because of the rain and how cold it's going to be tonight. How do peeps get around on a rainy Saturday night. Do they chug around with an umbrella? I have an awesome raincoat made of wool that I always enjoy wearing when there's a downpour.

The Pogues is the headlining band which goes on at about 10. Truth is, I was only going to check out a few of the Irish pubs out there in celebration of StPaddy's. This seems to be more my speed, however, because lately drinking beer hasn't been going down so well. No doubt I wouldn't have been able to resist a green beer at the local Irish pub, so maybe I'll settle for whiskey shots tonight. The occasional car bomb might not be discomforting as well.

I think admission us $10. From what I hear on yelp, parking us a problem. I may be paying an additional 15 for valet parking. Damn rain. I wouldn't be having this problem if I were traveling on my bike. Being always the optimist, it's just a well I drive in the event I meet an attractive gal needing a ride.

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