May 8th, 2012


Movie trailers, teasers and clips really do say it all

The most recent film I went to see was The raven. It wasn't all that, and i believe i enjoyed watching the trailer, in anticipation for its release, more than I enjoyed sitting thru 90 minutes of predictability. About the only thing I got out of it was a lesson in literary history.

Now I am awaiting the release of an indy film called Jesus Henry Christ. No doubt I risk disappointment when building up the angst over an indy flick, but I honestly believe I'll get more bang for my buck with the Jesus H Christ flick than I will with Justice league, or whatever that new super hero action flick is called. Ah yes, The avengers.
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Apple technology

Something big was bound to happen with the passing of Steve Jobs. Does anybody else think it's weird that SIRI is the exact same concept of computerized answering phone systems that aggrivate callers everywhere because nobody likes to be told to select a one for English, 2 for technical support, 3 for sales? etc.