May 22nd, 2013

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Weeding of the f-list

Hello blog readers:

I'm still here, hacking my way to the top by plugging at my keyboard for livejournal. If you've been reading my blog, then you've probably taken notice of the drastic change I've made in formatting my entries like scenes from a movie.

I have a lot more of those to come, but I'm placing them in a group filter. If you want access to my scattered feature film scripts, let me know. Some of you may already be included, so if you know who you are, rest easy.

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Something peculiar with the co-worker

So, I notice that my co-worker is acting strange while my boss chats with her. She can't seem to put a sentence together to contribute to the conversation. The only thing coming out of her mouth is "oh yeh, that's cool."

The boss retreats into her office leaving co-worker to the task at hand. She sits at a computer terminal with a stack of books to revise. I'm at the computer next to her trying to figure out how to link my lj with fb. I start idle chatting with her, but she requests silence becuz she can't concentrate. Out of the blue, however, she asks me "can you play SWEET JANE?"so I'm opening up grooveshark and searching out the Lou Reed song. She ups the volume. I exit (to actually get work done).

I'm in another part of the building when my boss walks up to ask me if I know what's wrong with my co-worker. I say that I got that peculiar feeling about her as her speech was oddly incoherent." And was she having an aneurysm?...

My boss goes back to her office trying to figure it all out. She probably approached co-worker with a confrontation about why she is acting weird. Next thing I know, the boss is telling employees that she'll be driving said co-worker to the hospital and she'll be back when she's back.

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