June 1st, 2017


Remember before, when I had that nightmare,..

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... and mebbe it was the butterfly which was the real. Those noises around the house that sound like somebody must be inside with me. It seems like these entities have ectoplasma-ized and turned into a woman, a black dog, and a black bunny.

I do not believe they are aliens.

I would say they are one man's version of the American Dream. But whatever it is they seek, they seem perfectly comfortable with the shelter. They get along with Mildred and since they've arrived, I've upgraded the cramped space where the sucker fish lived from 20 gallons to 40. Including 3 additions to the family. Neon fishies (cichlids).

Well, the pattern I'm noticing is I only get free time to myself when neither of us are speaking to one another.