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Tue, May. 14th, 2019 | 02:00 pm 

Are you a real blogger writer?

Posted by slavezombie

I guess I could come out with a better name for the screenwriters' community.  The stylesheet could also be replaced to convey a writer's thought process.  When I was browsing thru the collection of lj stylesheets, I found a few good ones with typewriter graphic images, fountain pens, dip pens & ink wells.  All of these are great, but frustrated at the way html limits 

They're all great stylesheets, but they leave me in the dark about tweaking css/html to cater to my formatting requirements.  I'm not making excuses for the current stylesheet.  I like it too because screenwriting is kinda similar to cartooning in that storyboarding is still utilized in the film making process.  And storyboards are a crude form of cartooning; not that they have to be as I'm sure a comic strip panel in the style of the Blondie comic strip, or Hagar the Horrible, can function as storyboards just as the formal style of storyboarding.

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Tue, May. 14th, 2019 | 03:13 pm 

Running a livejournal community

Posted by slavezombie

The thing about maintaining a community of writers is — I don't know what I'm doing.  I keep telling myself it'll run itself.  The asymmetrical structure of blogging (writing stuff onto a computer display screen) and screenwriting seemingly outweighs the similarities of both forms using QWERTY keyboards.  The more I think about it, the more I want to grab somebody from the lapels and shake them silly until they register the words 'screenwriting' and 'blogging' as synonymous.

So why does the worldwide web consortium (w3c) make it so difficult to format a page with screenplay tablatures?  QWERTY isn't a keyboard when keystrokes in combination with the COMMAND key, or the ALT/Option key, produce characters that are impossible to duplicate on a manual typewriter.  It must undoubtedly be a conspiracy of movie critics.  Gone are the days when fascination of pressing the shift key first, and holding it down while another letter key is pressed, magically produces the letter in majuscule.

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