July 24th, 2020


Rollerblades (in-line skates) allows way more velocity than old fashion 4-wheel skates


I've been called to the front lines.  Even though I haven't been updating — oh, and BTW, I got my typewriter back! — just thought I would let readers know why I have not been updating my blog.  I am fortunate enough to have a job which allows telecommuting from home.  However, now that summer is here, soon the heatwaves will transform my crib into a human size oven, and conditions will be hazardous.  I've been called back to work three days out of the week.  I thought the calendar would never be adjusted to elongate the weekends.  I go into the office three times a week, and telecommute two days out of the week.  I know I don't have to say that telecommuting is not unlike a free day; I mean, who wouldn't want to work from home for reasons of convenience.  My own washroom. my own kitchen, my food.  I've been saving so much gas these past few weeks.

'Working in the front lines is exhausting, non-stop, repetitive, detail oriented work.  But the good news about all this is that I work within walking distance.  So I get my exercise done at the same time I go and come from work.  Yay!  The treadmill is a real drag.

Today being one of my virtual free days, I managed to get out of the lying position as my back felt like it was slowing slipping a disc after taking a fall from my rollerblades.  Dude! when you get old, falling is like dropping a sack of cement from a two story building.  I remember when I use to fall and pick myself back up and continue forward.  Damn, that's not the case anymore.  I weigh like 190 lbs right now.  Before, when I fell practically every day, I weighed 145-155 lbs.  Big difference.  No wonder.  I got a nice contusion on my hip about the size of a coconut.

BerkeleyAv_et_Liberty.PNGBerkeley & Liberty

When I started skating, I had visions that I would be skating everywhere.  In the street, on the sidewalk.  Everywhere.  Well, little did I know that balancing oneself upright and moving forward on them is not enough.  In theory, if I can find the confidence to Soul Grind I think I could muster any of the 7 techniques for stopping on these youtube video

When I took the time to go to the neighborhood rollerlink, I had not yet researched stopping technique.  It took experience on these city street sidewalks, because it'll be a cold day in hell when I start rollerblading on the asphalt itself.  But some of the streets where I live are hilly (and I mean that in the nineties sense) in that they slope slightly.  I don't mind a slope where I can free roll at a speed of my walking pace, but anything over 5 miles per hour, on the tight sidewalks, is too fast for me to stop.  I can't even get myself to the 7-11 across the street on my rollerblades because of the steep slopes.

I just installed a new battery in my car, and it seems that every time I take my car in to my mechanic, this time it was for the windshield wiper fluid, a sticking windshield and a wobbly rearview mirror, I always get my car back with a dead battery.  At least this time he had the decency to tell me that the alarm in my car was what was draining my battery.  While I recharge my battery and take measures to fix the alarm, all I can do is walk.  I mean, I have the bike, but with my back in this condition, riding ol' Etienette might be risky.


Cotton mouth symptoms emerging from pandemic

7-11 shopping center

This is the local shopping center closest to my pad where I find all the accoutrements needed for daily life.  7-11 opened up around 2012 and I've only been there half a dozen times.  I really cannot say how many times I restlessly couch potato my evenings watching a movie and wishing I had a pint of Häagen–Dasz Rocky Road icecream.  But I checked last week and 7-11 doesn't carry that brand.  It's about equal distance for me from my crib to the Vons store as it is to the 7-11.  I guess the only difference is the route I would take to get to 7-11 using backstreets small enough to double as alley ways.  What ever happened to those summer nights when walking in the streets after dark was considered community?  Also an option, if I have the munching but don't want to walk the extra block and a half to Jack in the Box for their munchy meal, I have this small mom & pop Pupuseria.  Yum.

Actually, I snapped this picture of this intersection  because I thought I saw a motorcycle cop stopped at the stop light.  I've become so anxious about seeing cops, I've developed a habit of magically materializing my smart phone in my hand, at the ready, with a camera app running and snapping away.  I found this cool app called BitCam which can create low memory, pixelated pix (like newspaper print) that allow me to snap a picture of literally everything without having to worry about memory space on my phone.  Plus, I think the lack of quality of the pictures give my blog updates a certain patine.

What I like about the pictures is that they look wonderful as thumbnails, which is not always the case with regular full color, high quality pictures.  Taking pictures also helps me remember what I'm thinking about when I blog about them.  For instance, during lunch break, I found myself wanting to take a note for the Covic cartoon that I'm brainstorming.

Did you know pupuseria can translate roughly to mean “feces laugh“, as in the movie House of 1000 corpses wherein Otis line is “Holy Miss Moley.  Got me a live one“Pupuseria mom & pop restaurant
I had accidentally doodled Prez hopeful Biden before and after he had hair, then it dawned on me:  wouldn't it be funny if the compression of air I've been trying to draw when a car door is slammed shut causing a small burst of ions from within the car to be violently spewed every which way, also affects the bald head from the passenger to suddenly sprout new strands of hair (from the pressurization of the slamming door?)  Yes! and something like that is gonna convey the idea of the molecular car particles violently flying every which way; hence consuming the faces of any passersby within 3 feet.

This is my job.  As long as I update my blog with minimal vulgarity, my contribution to the workforce during social distancing is complete.  After all, who's ever heard of a successful business strategy wherein the workerbees are expected to meet double their quota only to retreat, at the end of the day, to not so much as a watering hole‽

They talk of another recession; of a depression on the way.  There is no doubt in my mind that a refresher course in the 1920 Prohibition era might shed light on what to expect in the next decade as I strongly believe the pandemic and Hot Pink Police Uniform Reform measures/protests for defunding are all linked to the gradual legalization of cannabis.